A question about my career

  • If anyone can help me, I was wondering if you can see my acting career taking off any time soon? I've done commercial work, magazines, calendars, have been on the radio, and done a TV Interview. But I really want to be a TV/Film actress. Do you see it happening any time soon? I've even been taking some classes while at school.



    Yes, I do feel you will have a part in a sit-com that has a dog involved in the show. Wm is a name that comes in around you and I feel NY here also as a place you just may find the right agent to help you get where you want to go.

    How long will this take? You are almost there is what I receive for you and in the next two years you will be an up and coming star.

    You are paying your dues right now, hang in there it is coming to you.


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