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  • hi watergirl

    could you please read for me if you have time? i want to know where am i headed in this relationship with my partner? how will things stand between us in future (preferably 6-8 months) ? thank you so much for your time

  • Hello my dear,

    My goodness you are certainly all tied up in emotional knots. The strongest message coming through is to CALM yourself - and your mind - as it feels like you are in overdrive. Honestly, it was really hard to get past all the anxiety and fear to do a reading for you. Get yourself grounded - if you do not know how then ask 🙂

    With regard to your current relationship, there are issues from the past or just past relationships that are affecting you in the present. Were you deceived in some way? The current relationship issues are not so much about him as they are about you. There is potential here, but only if you have the courage to face your fears - your shadow. Fear, fear, fear is what keeps coming up. Either someone hurt you in the past and now you are afraid of getting hurt again or you are just afraid that no one will love you. If the latter is the case, you must realize that this love must come from within first. With regard to the past issues, I am being shown an inner cleansing - washing away what has been avoided, ignored or pushed aside. Once again, I am getting that you need to slow down, calm down, and go within. The answers are there, but all the mental chaos you have yourself in is interfering with your higher self frequency 🙂

    Hope this helps,


  • ahh spot on .... i am amazed at how you have picked up exactly what i have been going through. it is certainly hurt incurred from someone in the past and i am afraid that it might happen again. although i have started moving on in life and am looking forward to better mindset and preferably a clean slate to write another chapter of my life on , but sometimes i tend to think over what happened in past and all the hurt and pain comes back haunting me for days and it shadows my thinking and emotions as well. i start having chaos in my mind. i don't know how it will settle down . i do ground myself through meditation .

    i want to know where i am headed in life ?! what does future hold for me? i have no direction in my life currently and i am just flowing by but am scared at the same time of getting into trouble again ........... it doesn't happen often though when i am very concerned and thinking over it too much but these past days have been some of those when i am utterly confused and sometimes frustrated because of lack of clarity about my future and the direction i need to take.... please apologise me if you find me too scattered. if you feel drawn towards my request and want to give it another try i would like to know what you get for me for future.

    thank you so much for your quick response and helpful advice . i'll start working on it consciously !!

  • I have to laugh because there is a message in here for me as well (there always is). You are being shown as restless and impatient - boy can I relate. First of all, the energies over the past week have caused everyone I know to go into a bit of a tizzy - it's not just you.

    That being said, you are on the precipice of a new beginning (a new job?), but there are a few things you need to focus on. First of all, try to stay in the present moment. You know how when they tell you that if you are on fire to stop, drop and roll? Well, whenever your mind goes into overdrive thinking/worrying about the future, stop drop and meditate! :0 Seriously, the energy of anxiety, worry, fear, etc. will push away that which you desire. In order to open yourself to receive, you must be calm, focused and in the present moment. Once again, I am getting that you are being given signs, but might not be noticing them because you aren't present and centered.

    The next thing I am getting is that you have to make a decision - make choices - on what you want so that you can move forward. Is all of that fear holding you back? If you truly don't know what you want, then use your meditation as a way for messages to come through to you. But the bigger message is that you must take daily action - put yourself out there and do what you need to do to make yourself shine above all the rest. Then, detach and trust that what comes your way is what is meant for you. I don't know of anything in life that is easy, so roll up your sleeves and get dirty 🙂

    Something new is coming in the near future if you can follow the advice Spirit has given.



  • ahh you are spot on when you say i need to live in the present moment. it seems all past week i litrelly lived in the past and mulled over what went wrong in my life 24/7 :(( yes that tends to happen sometimes . and you are right i need to center myself. sometimes i feel that "oh this might be the sign i need to follow when i think of something new or exciting all of a sudden without prior inclination or stuff" but i tend to ignore it because i lose these thoughts in the similar fashion as they come .. quickly , in no time. BUT , yes there is a clear sign of me moving out of OLD and PAST . i could feel it . it's happening in my thinking, behaviour and emotional makeup ... i have also been told in the past that something new is coming my way .. i have always wondered if it could be in the work area. you gave me something to think on. i am exploring the choices in terms of work but am confused what to pursue and how ... yes there is a situation that requires me to make a CHOICE . if it's not this , then it could be something that is yet to happen .....

    could you tell what kind of choice i would need to make ? as in pertaining to work or something else ? all i am focussing on currently is WORK WORK WORK and i feel i am majorly stuck because i have no direction and no experience to take advantage of job options available around me. i don't know what i must be doing/knowing to see myself marching ahead and feel that sense of proof that yes i can do it for myself . i want to get that confidence i once had back and am striving for it .... but things have been really fuzzy !!! thanks for bringing forth such positive message my way .... love you for the same and thanking you for all your time and positive words . please take care ... love ..!!

  • hi watergirl

    hope you are in good health and doing well. i have been working on what you suggested some time ago and it seems to have worked fine . i am more in control and feel a little better than how i was before. however i have something going on in my mind that i have been told be someone recently . i have been told that i will be dealing with a legal issue in life by the end of this year and it will be the time when some major event will happen in my life . i don't know if these are two different issues or related to each other but i am very curious to know what i would be dealing with legally and if it will be related to the major event that has been predicted . i don't have any money or property issues in my life , neither there is any dispute going on nor there is any possibility of it happening is there. could it be that it will be relationship issue that would need to be handled legally ? and what will be this major event all about ?

    if you could provide your insight into this situation that would be really kind and helpful.



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