• HELLO,

    I began this year with great thoughts and intention's on getting a weight loss surgery. So far nothing has came through for me, but all my other efforts have blossomed and or is starting to blossom.Starting to feel a little let down 😕 My question is does any one see me getting the weight loss surgery and how will I do if I do get this operation done.





  • this is me

  • Hi Devine,

    I pulled a few cards from my Angel Guidance deck and they were:

    See Only Love

    Have Confidence

    See Only Love is about looking past the SEEMING errors, mistakes, flaws, etc. and seeing only the love within each person - including YOURSELF. Have Confidence is self-explanatory 🙂

    I "tuned in" a bit for you and what came through is that weight loss surgery is really not the quick fix you may think it will be. The underlying issues are what you need to address. It feels like the extra weight has been put on subconsciously as a barrier, so there are most likely issues from a past relationship that hurt you deeply or emotional issues from childhood. Coincidentally, the pic you provided has you in sunglasses - the eyes are the window to the soul and you have put up a barrier to us with the sunglasses.

    On a practical side - and speaking from someone who has struggled with her weight as well - quick fixes do not work. The only thing that does is being mindful of what you are putting in your mouth and - sorry - getting your body moving. Don't weigh yourself obsessively - once a week at most and ideally once a month. I am not a big fan of particular diets either because once you go off of it the old eating patterns are back. Just focus on portion sizes and "what is best for me and my body at this time?" whenever it is meal time. I work a lot of hours so I focus on what will give me the most energy. If you are having the urge to eat outside of a meal time, then focus on "am I really hungry?" Most likely the answer will be "no" and there will be an emotional trigger instead. And sometimes it will be that you are simply just thirsty and need some water! This will help you to delve into the real reason you are carrying around the extra weight. Baby steps are best. Don't push yourself too hard or try to do too much at first and then burn yourself out. As far as exercise, if you have trouble getting started, then just focus at first on 10 minutes -- walk down the street and back. That's all it takes to get the ball rolling.

    But first, just accept yourself and love yourself for where you are right now - extra lbs and all. Your physical appearance is not a gauge for whether or not you are loveable. You are loved and deserving of love just the way you are so start loving yourself. Despite the sunglasses your picture tells us all that you are indeed quite beautiful!



  • Hello Watergirl,

    I would like to know if you could do a reading for me concerning my current relationship


  • Arieslost - nothing has changed since the last reading I gave you. He is still a manipulator and a user. Free yourself, my dear.

  • Mistie - i hope you dont mind i post my reading request in your thread. Thanks 🙂

    Hi watergirl,

    May I have a reading from u also? Will I get a job offer from my dream company? Been looking for a job for quite a while...

    And how about my love life? Will my ex be back? I broke up w him a couple weeks ago. Or shall I just move on??? I'm confused and sad.. Hope u can shed some light. Thank u!

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