Tarot reading please

  • can someone please give me a tarot reading please.tnx so much!

  • Hi Issabelle

    I'll share what I get... hope it helps...

    Above - your thoughts - Ten of Cups, so there is something emotional, love, a relationship that is trying to decide which way to go. You want to take something to a new level emotionally, or you want to go back to something a little calmer perhaps...

    Your releasing hand / Your heart / Your reaching hand - 6 of swords / The Star / The 7 of swords

    This looks like you recently entered a calmer state of mind, something in your life mellowed out a little... now that is the Star so there is great hope (for something) in your heart, you feel you will have whatever you need to take your next step. Your reaching out for something that requires a little day dreaming on your part... and out there is the Universe which you are all about, so this is a great sign that whatever/whoever it is that you are reaching for is a part of your path.

    Below you (your feet and steps) are the Queen of Cups, so this shows a lot of mastery and self-control emotionally. So you seem to be very determined to maintain that maturity as a part of your general life path... something may have happened back there that had you reaching deep inside yourself for a calmer mind about things, and a mature emotional pattern.

    The path under you right now is showing as

    The Justice card, 7 of wands, and 5 of cups

    So there is some re-balancing going on in your life right now. Could be you are recovering from something that could have been emotionally taxing, and you moved away from that and are now seeking calmer waters, balance.

    The 7 of wands seems to show you also now imagining some new directions for yourself, this seems to be more unconscious right now. Then the 5 of cups which is a change of emotions, feelings in some area are turning around. Could be that whatever was back there is re-opened, rekindled, adjusted and it goes a lot better this time (3 of cups).

    Overall your path looks nice to me. You are certainly reaching for the right things right now. Strong intellectual focus across you, like you have recently relaxed your mind about something, let it go, and its now a question of where to now? "Where" seems to be "the Universe" which can be anything you want... the Ten of cups in your thinking tells me there must be a situation that had reached some sort of stalemate or you are trying to decide which way to go with that situation or feeling. Focusing on a strong sense of your own identity seems to be the answer. You have a sharp mind so that helps. You can't go wrong now...

    Hopefully that made some sense... happy Sunday!


  • hello astra thank u so much for taking time to my reading.bless u always for being kind..thanks and sorry been busy i wasnt able to thank you at once.:)

  • astra can u give me another reading please about my lovelife,thanks so much...

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