I'm begging for some help. Need some insight

  • I am having a terrible time with my boss at work. Do you see me getting a different job, my boss leaving my department or these daily verbal beatings ever ending.

  • Your boss believes firmly that she is in the right and that her way of dealing with staff is strict but correct. She will not change and she has the support of higher authorities there. I don't see her leaving unless she is promoted.

  • PS There are power struggles here beneath the surface as your boss feels that you would like to take charge and run the whole show (you do have a fear of obsolescence). She sees that you are hardworking, brave, and dynamic and it worries her. She will continue to 'put you in your place' or where she thinks you should be - beneath her - as you are threatening her position. You should look for a job where you can work alone or be in total charge and only have to compete with yourself - then you will do your best work. Once you release your need for others, you will discover that you are a leader and a teacher, not a follower. Don't lose your sense of humour over this situation - learn to laugh at your boss' fears and insecurities.

  • You are so right about the higher authority, The Governor. I have been applying but with no luck so far. Do you see another position coming up soon. Thank you

  • You would need to let go of all expectations or ties towards your current job before you would attract a new position.

  • I can do that, I can let go. I am on on vacation next week, I plan on applying for different positions. I do like my job and the other people I work with, but I know it's time to move on. I can't take much more of her. I'll end up with a heart attack or some other stress disorder. THANK YOU Hopefully I can find something quickly

  • Letting go of your present job also means letting go of the stress, bad memories, and misery associated with it. It will be to your benefit to forgive and move on.

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