• Hello Jlina,

    Here is your reading --I'm using my Moon Oracle cards:

    Should I just enjoy things the way they are?

    The cards were positive either way. Enjoy things as they are, but don't get so used to them. You are person that needs to be connected to everything so have your own life as well.

    Plus, if I were gone all the time, it'd be much harder to keep up with his billing and payroll. I find it hard to put all my eggs in one basket - his, lol. Any advice would be great....

    Compromise + Visitor + Principles

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    Seems like things aren't in a place you really like. You may like being helpful to him, but it's not your type of work. You seem to like dancing about, moving about while you are working instead of sitting down and doing the same thing every day. It seems like you need a balance.

    You are a great help to your boyfriend, and that is admirable and respectable for helping him so much, but you need to find an outlet for your pent up energy.

    Maybe every weekend you can go out to the country to hike and have an adventure to yourself.

    Thank you for helping me practice.


  • Hi, El! thank you so much. I am an artist, so I get the decks for their pictures, smile.....

    Maybe - with this it struck me - I am very used to being child like, but my boyfriend is truly like a child a lot....just ignores stuff til it falls in on him, like the IRS - yikes.

    So I have had to be the grownup now for about 3 years and it does wear me out. I need my own thing for balance, for sure. And I'm looking.

    Taking care of a house and all the other stuff that goes with it expands into a full time job....so yes, I should get away somehow. It is HOT here now though, the heat index was 100 degrees! so maybe a mental get away.....more time to imagine, to make artwork, to read....

    and less stress. That'd be the ticket. I do love moving, too and I am working out. It helps hugely.

    Thank you so much again, and best of luck to you, and many many blessings returned in your life!

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