Hello Serenity Ti5 or Miss Sara I need your help pretty please

  • I just want to know if I can' sort my financial responsibility this coming before June 5

    I'm currently dealing with my financial problem since I came back last month from holiday

    Last month up to know I didn't go back at working its almost one month and nearly two weeks

    My family is a bit worried to me cos ,They know that if I had problem to my personall relationship

    And I had a lot of things that I suppose to do but I have to much on my plate atm and My health

    Is now again affected please help and give me reading I really appreciate you kinds and

    Thanks to you , p


    I currently one month left behind and up to know, I never touch anything about my paper works

  • Anyway I forgot to put my name Joann 2/16/1975 thank you agai

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