Captain..need your insight please !

  • hi captain

    if you have time could you please read for me and tell how things will be between me and my partner in coming future? are we heading towards separation? if yes, what will cause it to happen ? and how will i fare in life after it happens as material support is lacking in my life currently. this is very important for me to know and i hope i could get some insight to understand where i am headed in life .thank you so much for your insight in advance .

  • Give me both your birthdates and I will see if you are compatible long-term.

  • hi captain

    thank you so much for responding . we are in a serious relationship already and have seen many ups and downs over many years together .is it okay if i get a reading without sharing birthdetails? please do let me know if it's fine by you ... if not that;s okay too.. i respect that part !! hope you are doing well and enjoying life ! please take care .

  • I need something with which to tune into your vibes - if not the birthdates, then a photo of you both.

  • hi captain

    thank you so much for responding. i am currently working from my brother's laptop so can't upload pics but i'll do so as soon as i get mine fixed. thank you again for responding to my query ... hope you are doing well !

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