Understanding an Aquarius man

  • Wondering what insights or experiences you may have with Aquarius man

    Blessed Be


  • Mine was romantic, wonderful lover, generous, communicative and fun to be with with. They are very independent however and like to go their own way. I was with mine on and off for 17 years and as long as I gave him a lot of space, didn't question or demand, all was well. He had a couple of very fatal flaws however....extreme dishonesty and unfaithfulness....chronic actually. I don't know if this is normal for all Aquarian men, but I felt mine was never going to change and ended things.

  • LibraLuli thanks for sharing your experience with me. So far I'm having similar experience. The unfaithfulness..... have just begun to wonder if this is a possibility......space, independence works well w me but unfaithfulness I can't do. It must have been a hard choice for you but understandable

  • My current boyfriend is an aquarian as is my mom and my best friend. My boyfriend is very romantic (flowers for no reason, candles, wine, foot rubs, ect.), very reliable, social butterfly, always open to trying new things and going new places, good social skills and gets along with pretty much anyone.

    Although I've heard Aquarians like their space, I haven't seen this with mine and our biggest issue is that I require too much space and he often feels that I don't care enough. I do, I'm just not as expressive as him and I have a very active social life with numerous work responsibilities so I don't require a lot of "couple time." I think this works in my favor because he is always guessing and unsure of where he stands which may keep his restlessness at bay. As for infidelity, I don't know of any, but hey I wouldn't put it pass him or any other man. For now, he includes me in every aspect of his life and he has introduced me to all of his family members and friends.

    We are so incredibly different that I wonder sometimes how we manage to make it work, but we do. I do know in his younger years he strayed once or twice, but he also knows I would dump him in a millisecond with no regrets or second chances if he ever cheated on me. Infidelity is a no-no to me.

    Good luck with your aquas.

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