Anyone wanna take a stab at interpreting this celtic cross?

  • Just curious what others might see here. I should have taken a picture to upload - the visual gives so much more, but if you want to give it a whirl I would love it! BTW, I pulled these cards for myself...

    Me: 10 of Cups

    What Covers Me/Current Situation: Strength

    What Crosses Me: Page of Cups

    Foundation/Basis of Reading: The Tower

    Recent Past: The Emperor

    Crowning/What's Above: 2 of Cups

    Near Future: Ace of Wands

    Blocks/Inhibitions: 10 of Pents

    My Environment/People Involved With: 7 of Cups

    Advice: The Empress

    Potential Outcome: 6 of Cups

    Thanks 🙂


  • Hi watergirl

    Here is my interpretation...

    Me: Ten of cups is hesitating emotionally. That could be the general theme?. Like holding back emotionally until you are comfortable. Restraint. Could be a general trend, you aren't totally comfortable with emotionally and so you hold back...

    Current situation - Strength, which can be seen as something instinctive, a more basic drive that is happening on levels you may not have conscious control over.

    Crossing - Page of Cups, So this is emotional risk - taking, which together with that ten of cups (who is you), seems to be saying to go ahead and let your more primal self take a step of faith (instead of going back to something safer which would be a nine of cups). So the instinctive energy is now your current energy to enable you to take this step toward an emotional development you like.

    Foundation/basis - The Tower. Change of a basic belief. Well together with that recent past card (the Emperor) seems to say that whatever you believed "with him" has changed. The Tower represents the collapse of what ever belief pattern was attached to that situation. So as the emperor fades, the Tower is there to help you clear out the dead wood and start anew.

    Recent past - Either a person back there that has left you stuck emotionally (ten cups) or could simply represent something you have stopped supporting, a power or authority in your life that you have let go of.

    Crowning - The Two of Cups - this must be your real motive it is love and something very nice and sweet, very innocent and pure... this is sorta idyllic love, the new blush of love, could be a little fairy tale here too.. it shows you are very tender about love and so that has been a steady goal for you.

    Near future - the Ace of Wands. This is like a new identity... for you I gather. The Tower is clearing out anything you no longer need for your path, and the Ace wands is showing your new you that you are reaching for. You can also see that the page of cups crossing you reflects the two of cups, So the message I get is to stick with that innocence in love, don't let that go. Maybe the emperor phase threatened that... so that is a challenge for you maybe, believing still in that tender love - yes, keep believing.

    Blocks/inhib - Ten of Pentacles - so this is another hesitating "where do we go now that we have succeeded" energy. This seems to be casting the spotlight back on that ten of cups (that is you) which is hesitating in love And the message seems to be TAKE THE RISK for love, the phase of "hesitating" now draws to a close, and the instinctive drives in you are kicking in. True Love or bust should be the theme song.

    People around you/envir - Seven of Cups. So your "world" out there is a landscape of dreamy emotions, some fantasizing, you could be looking over the crowd. Other see you as a little dreamer too and you like that. A little mystery here too, all may not be as solid as it first appears. Anything can develop and all that is "out there" stands ready to assist you in your journey.

    Advice - the Empress. This is really your card I think, caring and nurturing is really your personality. So this seems to say simply, keep being you. Touching, very sensitive (water), flowing feelings, light as a feather, yet grounded in earthiness. This plays nicely with the Instinctive drives you have (strength card) so this seems to be advice to relax a little more and let that more instinctive part of you carry to be even more a toucher, healer, compassionate energies, all of that seems to be you.

    Potential outcome - Six of Cups is a very nice, balanced, simple and lovely emotional state. Could be with someone as your spread really feels to be yearning for this 2 cups/10 cups/7 cups/page cups... these are all risking, dreamy, simple love starting - together with the hesitating in love (maybe due to whatever happened with the 'emperor'). So this is all pointing to taking you exactly where you need to go, which is into a very nicely working emotional life, balanced and happy.

    Looking at the cards you picked, as a celtic cross, you can see that most all of the energies coming up are Cups and Pentacles. So emotional development and material empathies. This is all adding up to the strength card capturing the overall situation. Instinct. Basic drives. Even subconscious choices you are making now that are taking you to that 2/6 cups.

    However, the presence of the Tower directly under you seems to be saying that you are also distancing yourself from something you held to, and at the same time you are wanting to trust again (2 cups). So these are two overlapping energies. The key to the whole thing seems to be saying to trust that your instincts are right and to just let go and take the chance, it will work out (6 cups).

    Hope you got something from that!


  • Thanks, Astra. I would like to give you some background on what is going on with me, but I just did a long reading/post for someone and now I'm exhausted! I'll try to get back later...

  • Hi Astra - Thanks again. When I pulled the cards my gut told me it was about a work situation - and that a lot of those cards would have been reversed if I had been using reversals! But, since so much of it came through as Cups I wanted to get another opinion 🙂 In retrospect, it was indeed about my work situation. The Tower really said it all as the basis of it was upsetting communications and sudden changes. There were issues with a client - a partnership - which also involved business documents/communication and contracts. There are also ongoing issues with a very dominant boss. But really, I am just trrying to see through all the "garbage" of it all and to remain centered and in a loving place. I think my boss, although her energy can be quite harsh and you never know which personality you are going to get from one day to the next - deep down wants to help and may even be trying to befriend me in her own weird way. My biggest thing is learning to block out all the chaos going on around me (that 7 of Cups!) and remain centered and focused on the present moment and what I am trying to accomplish.

    Thanks again! You really are a hopeless/hopeful romantic aren't you? 🙂 Although I do feel a male friend coming my way soon...

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