The Destiny Of Number 11 In Numerology

  • Your destiny comes from your birth date. Without realizing, your daily life path could be the road you're already traveling. Your Life Path divulges the opportunities and tribulations in your life. In Numerology 11, your destiny could be the single most important information obtainable in your own Personality Chart!.As an 11, you are generally well-balanced; you're able to appreciate the benefits of the energy which flows through you. As per numerology You command great zeal, but also have appreciation for self-reflection and self- restraint. You frequently feel extremely self-conscious. You might feel, that on some degree, you stick out, like a sore thumb. Even though you make an effort to blend in with your surroundings, you frequently feel conspicuous, unfamiliar, and out-of-place. Regardless, you must develop a path that will best make use of your opportunities.Number 11s are frequently unhappy, largely because of the excessive emotional expectations they take upon themselves. 11s can create unrealistic goals in life and it's best to be observant of this; these goals will erode your emotions and hinder you from achieving your true greatness. You can be very unrealistic at times, you see a skyscraper where others see a small family home. 11s are also susceptible to bouts of confusion and without enough direction.As an 11, you are exceptionally tactful and diplomatic. You're calm and work well with other people. You integrate nicely with groups of people and will often find a method of quelling arguments and finding agreement between people. You love songs and poetry and demand a relaxing and harmonious surrounding. You have a keen eye that's fixed for art and a fine sense of equilibrium. You have therapeutic skills, specially within fields such as therapeutic massage, physical therapy, and life counselling.

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