I would appreciate a psychic reading please

  • Don't get me wrong. I know life could be a lot worse and I am grateful for all that I have, but my life is also feeling a bit dull these days and I feel rather lonely at times. Wondering if any new relationships of any kind are on the horizon?

    Thank you.

  • Well, what are you doing about it - are you going out looking for friendship, joining clubs, finding activities where you meet lots of people? Life doesn't just happen by accident. You have to create what you want for yourself. If your life is dull and lonely, don't wait for someone else to liven it up - fix it yourself.

    The best and most accurate advice any psychic can give you is that if you keep doing things the way you are doing them now, then you can only expect more of the same life you have now in the future.

  • I make friends at work, but they are all married and want to go home to their families after work. I do go out when there is an opportunity. There just aren't that many. I guess I was just hoping for a little encouragement that if I kept trying something would come along.

  • Of course, if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed - or something else will take the place of your present goal. You just don't seem to be looking into all your options, which can mean missed opportunities.

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