Please in need of a tarot reading

  • I would appreciate a reading from someone to help answer some questions. My boyfriend lives w/me and my family, my sister is moving her boyfriend in,whom she has known for 2weeks. Now there are 7people in this house. My boyfriend says he wants to move out asap. He wants to have his own place. not to mention that he and my family sorta butt heads. My boyfriend mentioned how my mom treats my sister better then me, which is kinda right. i think its cause of the rocky r.ship between her and my man. both parties feel they are being disrespected by the other. my man can b sarcastic at times,but my mom doesnt fit well w/people with that personality type. My man isnt completely innocent either,but he does love and he means well. he just needs to learn 2watch what he says and how he says it. He said he wants to live somewhere where he doesnt have to watch everything he says. My mom is at the point she dont like him anymore. I want to know whats going to happen here, 1.)will he end up moving out in the next few months? 2.)what will happen in regards to his r.ship with my family? 3.)what can i do to improve the situation? can someone please help me? i feel desperate and lost, i love my mom and my boyfriend and it tears me apart seeing them at odds with each other. I would like to move out with him,and us have our own place, but I need to get working again,finish what i have left of college,etc.. and give my mom a chance to get another roommate. Im 33 yrs old and ready to b on my own! could someone give me a tarot reading to help answer some questions? Please?

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