AuroRa Le: 5D Girl in a 3D World – A Conversation with Uriel

  • 5D Girl In A 3D World: A Conversation With Uriel

    About The Effects Of The Eclipse And Our New Multidimensional Natures

    By AuroRa Le

    May 23, 2012

    ✭ I woke up on the morning of the solar eclipse, kind if in that groggy state, to find myself in the presence of Plianda. She identified herself as “woman of weights and balances”, and went on to perform upgrades on me, manifesting themselves as swirling lights, intense pressure all over my body and a surreal feeling of euphoria that I can’t remember feeling since…well, since probably before I got here! It was 4;10 a.m. when this began, and after she was done, in what only seemed like a few minutes, the clock read 6:33.

    After much contemplation, I later recognized Plianda as being from the healing center on my ship. She clearly took the effects of May 5th up a notch-or several-and nothing has felt the same since. I learned that she had removed the last of the ‘human overlays’ that I had chosen to take with me on my one-time journey to Earth. Overlays being other people’s past life memories from the Akashic records, so that first timers have the tools to survive here and can appear somewhat streetwise. I also integrated a lot more of “me” into those empty places. It’s nice to feel more or less whole again.

    ✭ If you’re anything like me, you’re finding this particular chapter of the Ascension process to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It’s in one moment magical, mystical and beautiful – then one minute later, maddening, frustrating and confusing. We aspire to be fully conscious 5th Dimensional beings, and are told to live in our heartspace and vibrate at this level, while at the same time going about our lives in 3D physicality and attending to our more mundane 3D tasks. In it but not of it. The coolly unaffected observer.

    Oh, it can be done, I promise you that. I’m doing it (or trying to do it) every day. But in no way am I saying that it’s always easy. In fact, I think this is the most challenging assignment we’ve been issued yet! And I haven’t even touched on the instances of missing time, the spontaneous visits “home”, and our favorite new game of Interdimensional Hopscotch. We are now living our lives in two places at once, going in and out and never really being certain when you’re going to make the jump. I think this is the most exciting and gratifying progress we’ve made to date.

    It’s exciting because we know it’s happening. We can see it, feel it, often remembering it and sometimes there’s even physical evidence of it. Such as in those cases of lost time. Just look at the clock and there it is. We’re dreaming while awake. Beginning on May 5, I began to experience the most incredible clarification of my vision and my communication with my Team. I now need to only stop and listen, and it’s like they are right here in the room with me 24/7. Meditation has also taken on whole new properties, and I seem to be able to reach out and actually “touch” the things I’m seeing and to feel emotions I can’t even put a label on, along with a very cool “new” connection with the Elemental Realm!

    The upgrades of May 5, and more recently the 20th are changing us in amazing ways. Some of you may be realizing the changes sooner than others, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. We’re getting our natural abilities back. We’re relearning how to bi-locate, be telepathic, to be the multidimensional beings that we truly are.

    I’m finding that more and more often I’m checking out at unexpected times, and not all of them the most convenient! Even to the point of there being a part of me that stays here in my human-bodysuit completing tasks, while the other part of me has been elsewhere doing something else. And I’ll have little recollection of what my physical self had been doing! I’m relieved it’s happening and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a flipside to all of this cosmic joy. I’m finding that it’s difficult, and sometimes painful to come back. To readjust myself to the imperfections of Earthly life after being in a place of such perfect peace and unconditional love. I’m a busy Mom, and most of the time after I meditate, or even when I first get up in the morning, I’m jumping right into my lengthy things-to-do list. Housework, broken appliances, car repairs, college applications, phone calls, traffic, bills…

    These are the essential ingredients of our 3D learning experience, the stuff that makes us stronger, the meat and potatoes of what our friends and family back home are living and studying through us. Which brings me to the question: Is there a secret to all of this, and to doing it well? Do we simply anchor ourselves into Gaia’s core-crystal and hold on for dear life? How do we effectively maintain a peaceful 5th dimensional (or higher) frequency -one of warmth, stillness and detachment-while remaining in our evolving bodies amidst the chaos and duality of the outgoing 3rd density? I posed this question to my Team and it was Uriel who was kind enough to come through with an explanation.


    Everyone was affected by the energies of these past two key dates-May 5th and 20th.

    Even the people who give the appearance of being unawakened were given healings and upgrades to their physical and energetic systems. They simply do not know why it is they feel so tired and are unable to focus. Take note that the process is different for everyone, depending on who you are and from where you originated, your energetic blueprint and the details of your chosen role on planet Earth. While it is often enjoyable to compare notes, bear in mind that your friends’ experiences might not necessarily mirror your own. The symptoms will vary, as will the pace at which you progress. No one situation is any better than the other.

    You may quite possibly recall something specific happening to you at the time of the solar eclipse. We will see more and more reports of this beginning to surface. Put into the most elementary of terms, what actually happened is this: You received essential upgrades to both your physical and energetic bodies.

    Upgrades which are propelling you higher vibrationally and aiding in the formation of your lightbodies. We are currently working on you, to strip away the veil of forgetfulness and to restore your dormant DNA to healthy, working condition. This is by no means a small task!

    Do not be alarmed that some of you are being taken during sleep or are receiving visits to your homes. It is acceptable to have heard our voices, seen us or felt the lightness of our energetic presence. The effects that you have been feeling these past days are but the result of your increased vibration, you are in an adjustment phase.

    You are anchoring into 5th dimensional consciousness, which is the next step in the full realization of your ascension. Be comfortable that you rest in the 5th now, and you are on your way to the 7th. You are tired because you are occupying two worlds! Yes, you must remain for now, in the physical sense, in the 3D world.

    You have much work to do here, and the key to this is to not become embroiled in what you see going on around you. You are the Wayshowers and Placeholders-the ones who agreed to come back and guide humanity, ushering in the new Platinum Age. Be in your center, in your heart, think and feel and behave as the 5th dimensional Master that you are. Confusing, is it not? However, if you do this all else will fall neatly into place.

    As for the lightheadedness and forgetfulness, and the sudden jaunts into dimensions unknown…let me clarify this for you. As I have explained, you are now for all intents and purposes, rooted in the 5th dimension. You are beginning to initiate your ascent into the 7th. It only stands to reason, does it not, that there will be stopovers in the 6th? The 6th dimension is a magnificent place, dear friends. It is uncommonly beautiful. The is the land of color and dreams, of creation, where you may go to rest, to play and to create something wonderful.

    To live a dream or aspiration, and try it on for size.

    It is also a meeting place of choice for us, a fine destination at which to confer and plan. It can be anything of your choosing. In those lost intervals of time, it is very often that it is here you go to. When you visit a happy place repeatedly in dreamtime, the 6th is likely where you have been. These times are essential to your overall health right now, both in the physical and the spiritual senses. You are being removed ever more frequently so that your high levels of awareness may be maintained, assuring your continued progress.

    Embrace these changes, however inconvenient or uncomfortable they are at times. For, these are the outward signs of the Ascension that you have been seeking. They are here within you.


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