I have dreams, about my lover

  • Hi I Am a dream psychic, not sure. every now and then I have a dream about a person hurting me. which turns into reality of someone being really nasty or trying to get me in trouble. but the one I"m really trying to figure out is my love life. is he mine or are we broke up. if there are any readers help would be appreciate. I'm a Gemini he is a Scorpio. what to do ?

  • From experience: Gemini and Scorpio don`t compare, we attract eachother like crazy, but fondamentally....there is no connection! As a Scorpio female, Gemini males are fun to be around, can have potential and meaningfull conversations, is even sexually compatible at times, but alas! There is always something awkward lingering in the air....would you agree?

    Good Luck and God Bless! 🙂

  • Thanks for your reply,

    I Am female Gemini dob 6/17/71 and his dob 10/27/1964 Scorpio. I don't know about what the books say. but i was very happy with him, I would like a consistent lover mate, but other than that the conversation was very good, the depth was there. the happiness was there, and if he was not happy he never told me. he is very romantic, and we spent most holidays together. He wanted to spoil me. its just the last two weeks the communication stop and/or slowed down on his part. I refuse to chase after him. I expressed what was going on to him, and I would not be able to keep this relationship going on my own, I would have to have his desire as well to keep going.

  • My psychic dreams come in 3s or 2s and if they are similar in feeling, vividness I know that they are instructing me to contact who ever I am dreaming about because they need a friend.

  • I would pray for guidance and help especially since your subconscious is telling you that you may be in trouble. A lot of times we associate a hurtful person with someone mean and ugly. Hurt can come from someone that you love who is not being truthful w/you. I hope this time passes quickly and God removes this hurt from you.

  • Two years later... how are you Gina?

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