Archangel Gabrielle: Beginning Your Ascension Travels

  • The energies you are receiving through the transmission of the Transition is exceptionally strong and I tell you, as the messenger of the One, that there is no intention, no plan to vary this, to turn it down at all. If anything, my beloved ones, you may feel it growing stronger and stronger and stronger within you.

    Now we have heard your discussions about the crests of the waves and the troughs and some of the experiences that you have been experiencing as you are clearing, as you are undergoing your life review, as you are experiencing cosmic flu, as you are beginning to put in place your new life plan, your expansion, your next chapter, the beginning of your Ascension travels, the claiming of the fulness of your multidimensional, transdimensional, interdimensional Self. Oh, no, we will not stop that transmission.

    But what we are doing is bringing you this gift to remind you and to restore you because much of what we are doing with you, my beloved ones, is about restoration. It is not just about us restoring you but it is about you claiming and reclaiming your birthright and the totality of who you are. …

    What we do is we bring you this gentle joy so that as you are riding the waves, as you are going through the integration of this transition, that you will have this sense of deep knowing, of quiet joy, or]f quiet peace, [so] that even though the seas may look rough, that everything, above, below and in between is in exact divine order and unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s Plan, [so] that you will know that you are attended by legions, by the entire company of Heaven. … This energy is already flooding your planet. … a gift for all humanity, a gift given freely and equally.

    Attendant with this gift, the wrapping on this gift is purity, what many of you think of as grace, but it is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original Self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder. Why? Because it is in divine timing but also because, my beloved ones, during these times of such intense magnification, such intense change, shift, of leaving what you think you have known behind, it is important that your memory in every particle and subatomic fiber of your being, remember the original part of who you are and that is innocence. It is beauty. It is love.It is absolute grace and glory. It is divinity.

    So while you are pushing out and letting go and cleansing some of the illusions that you have had in this lifetime and other lifetimes as well we are pushing you back even further and at the same time catapulting you forward – yes, it is completely possible – so that you are in the place of embracing, remembering and loving your innocence, your purity and your gentle jo

    I very much enjoyed what Archangel Gabrielle had to say last night on Heavenly Blessings. Here’s an excerpt. You can listen to the entire program at the URL below. I think we need all the information we can get on what the Transition this month consists of and what its effects will be. Archangel Gabrielle was speaking through Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea hosted the show.

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