Archangel Michael: The Next Wave Approaches

  • Archangel Michael: The Next Wave Approaches

    As channeled through Ron Head

    May 24, 2012

    We will now discuss the subject of the coming eclipse and the energies of June.

    We are sure that many of you are finding the current changes to your DNA very much to your liking. As you integrate them more and more into yourselves, you are beginning to discover that many of the things that have been promised you are showing evidence of becoming part of your being.

    Most of you are having trouble finding the courage to discuss this with your friends and family. Do not worry on that account, dear friends. First you will meet others who are having the same experiences, and then you will realize that you are not imagining things or losing your minds. The experience is quite surprising, even though we have talked about it for a very long time, is it not?

    Many, many more of you have experienced these changes than are aware of them, and it will be quite some time before the reality of them begins to surface. Some dear souls are simply not aware of anything like the subject of ascension, have any concept of DNA, or expect any changes to themselves to occur. Some who have begun to have their DNA re-connected and have their energy bodies changed would even, at this point, still argue that these things are all fantasies.

    They will eventually be even more surprised than you are. They will need a great deal of loving help when their world and their internal lives begin to change.

    You may witness such changes in people that are difficult to believe. It may be disorienting to them, as well. Please accept them for who they are becoming and do not continue to judge them for their pasts. It is all illusion remember. They are simply laying aside the masks they put on when they arrived here, just as you have done.

    There is some time left in this wave of heightened frequency input. You will now begin to experience an increase as the next wave approaches. We again ask you to keep yourselves grounded and as well rested as you are able. Each wave is mounting in intensity now, but you are going to find it easier as you integrate more and more of the light. We advise you to listen well to the promptings of your inner selves. Listen and act upon them. What do you feel like doing? Where do you feel like doing it? Whom do you wish to do it with?

    Also, please continue to bring all the light you can into yourselves and then share it with your mother, Gaia, and with those around you.

    We are seeing a steady increase in the effect of your efforts. When change occurs to the mass consciousness, it occurs suddenly and dramatically. It will be as if you have awakened to find yourselves in a whole new world. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part in creating it.

    We say, “Well done, dear ones.” We will walk with you until we speak tomorrow.

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