Hello EAIE Do I lost my connection to my recent relationship

  • I wasn't sure of what I'm doing so far I don't like hurting peoples feelings and I guess I did it now. As much as possible I don't like to talk and if I talk they can misinterpret me or may be they feel me for all I know they did something wrong. I had heaps of responsiblity and I don't want any regret but of course if something in my past to be strict and not being too much nice to people that in end day think that I'm an idiot for them to take advantage me. I honestly cant help thinking about what did I done I am liable as well cos I allowed them to become like that to me. Anyways, I now felt a lil bit upset I know the cancerian man had problem I can feel him and I know his life style. I was on life on one of application at apple and his on line too but I never once giving him hi or hello cos I end up my communication to him I'd tried to deleted his number over and over again but for some reason I really wanted to help him but I wanted to help but without any communication or any info between two of us. I had away doing that I felt bad cos I gave my words to him but since last month

    I full out myself and not helping him at all. I do have my own financial problem but if I help him a bit it would help him in a bit I know his stand it's seems like his waiting for me last Sunday night if I will chat with him unfortunately thats the first time I ignore him and I know I hurt him for being ignore. Before I saw him on line some other day hi was log in and I felt that his waiting for me or trying to see me on line and testing me again. I swear to god since I meet this guy he never once doing any effort to pls me. He did it when he knows that I

    caught him in the act for some violation that not really acceptable to me and totally his fault up to know his not gonna go down to his freaking pride .my goodness what' shall I do even my parents wanted me to not be in touch with him cos they can easily see me that I was affected in every aspect. My priority is myself now but I don't know why I can easily get affected to some peoples problem but they wouldn't care about me at all what ever problem I'm dealing

    In my life.

  • I'm getting worse lately I am so sorry I'm not trying to be mean or judgemental call me crazy but after I said those judgemental and humiliated words. I'm upset and felt so bad now I rather not saying it instead of more understanding but I can't really find perfect timing to voice it out. I hope I can emailed of chatted you hope i can find away. Sorry to put all my frustration in you

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