Hello EAIE Do I lost my connection to my recent relationship

  • Hello , it's me again thanks for your help and giving me guidance I hope u don't mind to asked you again if my recent relationship will be back again to be intouch with me the cancer man or any potential relationship to capricorn man or any up coming relationship and what is the sign to know his the one for me thank you and bless you

  • Hello Annie,

    I suppose this thread is for me? 😄

    I'm not able to get to readings right now.

    I'll try next week, okay?

    Take care.


  • Hello, you got it right I do apologized for my mistake. It's all good to me I know everyone needs to take some time out. I truly appreciate your help and when I read your answer to my question you bring back my positive spirit on me and yes your totally right in everything I tried to analyzed you said to me that I'm not showing my affection or being aloof cos I had several issues that I didn't even realized cos to much damage in to my relationship. Thank you so much and I hope you have a nice weekends be safe always and all the best kisses

  • Hello, you got it right I do apologized for my mistake. It's all good to me I know everyone needs to take some time out. I truly appreciate your help and when I read your answer to my question you bring back my positive spirit on me and yes your totally right in everything I tried to analyzed you said to me that I'm not showing my affection or being aloof cos I had several issues that I didn't even realized cos to much damage in to my relationship. Thank you so much and I hope you have a nice weekends be safe always and all the best kisses

  • Hello Annie,

    Glad the last reading was about you.

    Will your recent relationship be back again?

    The cards are positive either way.

    I think it is you that has to put the effort if you want it back. You will need to reach out to him.

    Is there any romantic relationship potential for you and the Capricorn man?


    The Solution card fell, and I think you and this Capricorn may be more compatible. You both may have much in common with your mental energies.

    I also got two fire cards for yes, so there could be lots of sexual attraction. It seems that you both are a bit emotionally distant (which is good because you don't seem like a person to show their emotions to a partner much, no?) you both would take things slow in this relationship, yet enjoy each others company.

    The cards don't show me a new man coming into your life. Not by himself, unless you go out to look for him. I think you would probably end up with another water sign since I get water cards and Neptune ruled cards. Pisces?

    Hope it helps.

  • Hello El,

    Thank you so much and again you hit me here you got everything right .

    I'm happy to hear that both positive and I had two choice and take it slow

    And enjoy what love can offer and choose the best man who will take me and

    Love me for who I am. I honestly had a soft heart to Cancer man and my ages gap

    Is only 3yrs I'm always older in any of my relationship while the Capricorn man is

    13yrs his still young and a lot of things I'm sure he wanted to do his away from

    me I live in the city and his a country young man and having his two job

    Always heading overseas for his equestrian competiton. I had no idea that i will caught his

    attention I only meet him last December and the first time we meet I get along with him and he said that his happy to keep me company . I deleted his number cos he upset me that time I had no idea that his a busy young man then after a few month he send me messages and calling me I had no idea that it was him and I was surprised after 3 meeting I felt his especial cos his sharing his dream in life he wanted to have his own farm get married and having kids sounds good to me. Let's see how it goes ATM I'll be careful take it slow while doing my own responsibility in life.

    I wish you all the best of everything and I'm happy that you have me clearance to clear my mind .

    Bless you ,


  • Annie,

    The Capricorn man sounds like a good guy. It's nice that your goals are close to being the same.

    You are right in taking things slow. For now that's the best you can do.

    Hope everything goes well!

    Take care


  • Its me again EltheMoth how's you going hope all is well to you. When I got up this morning its seems like I'm a bit unwell kinda lazy but I have to do my work for living cos I have lots of things

    do since I'm dealing to my upside down emotion. Before I get out of my place I read your message

    here. Your like an angel to me it's good to hear positive vibes and this time. You brigthen up my day again I feel so good and inspired. Lol thanks to your an Angel to me. I send him SMS last night his just finished his competition last Sunday. He said his doing well and glad that his again had a place and his lovely horse is doing good on the jumping. We keep sending SMS for almost an hour I get bored cos his answering me like yes or no always one liner word. I'm so worried if I annoyed him and he always said his okey and telling me his busy again. Lol but the best thing is at least his still intersted to answering me showing me his intersted in anything I said its kinda awkward cos I really take his time since I know his busy. We lately sending pxt and I said send me pxt now he refused cos his having dinner with his team mates. I'm happy but I need to control myself too much expection leads to depression Lol... While this Cancer man makes me felt bad at least there is someone giving me simple happines. I'm afraid we will end up. I care about him and I help him as I can but if helping me giving him impression of I take advance him and treated him like a piece of shit i guess I need to be distant and I might keep him as a friend of mine. He always thinks that I treated him like slave for and when his at my place he felt like his not the right person for me I was told by him. I'm a daddy's girl, highly maintenance and I treat people like a shit it's not true I only get frustrated its hurt me so much cos his always comparing my life style to him but he never appreciate that I only want to show him that his welcome to my family and they will never after where he came from. I do understand cos he never had parents figure and his life is quite tought but if sometimes I hear bad words from him and disrespect my family for they never meet him personally it's killing me. He kills me by doing that but I know he just upset I hate to hear that he can't give anything to me. I don't know if he only liking me he thinks he needs to cos I help him but with all honestly I do feel he do care and love me but something his having bad day and I do the same but his words is not fair and very unacceptable. I'm so confused now if it's love or I felt bad on his story but I always said to him I'm so proud of him cos he made his life and always aim high his having a good job and just back to Uni to attain his ambition and i always said to him to stick on his mind that his smart, important in this world and no matter what happen I'm just here for him and he agree that ever happen in the end of the day where friends. Many many thanks and bless your soul my angel.


    Big Big Hugs and Kisses,


  • Hello El guess what the Capricorn guy send me SMS he said he can't talk to me at all cos he thinks it's not right cos he met someone in his competition and he really like the girl . I said to him that all good and best and I decided to deleted his number now for his privacy and I respected that . Oh life Lol

  • Those twists of fate drive me crazy!

    But at the very least you are a very good person. You put him ahead by respecting him and his privacy.

    The Cancer man seems to have trouble trusting people. You are a very special person to him, but I think you right in questioning his love for you. Right now, I don't think he can fully love someone. He's still going through trauma.

    You can be his closest confidant, but you have already been through much yourself through a relationship with him. In a way, he wants what you have always had, so he just becomes aggressive when he sees what he's been missing.

    He still has to go through more in his life in order to get to a place where he can comfortable with someone.

    It's best to be friends for now.

  • Oh My Dear El, again when I saw your message here I had a cheeky smile on me.

    I'm very particular to anyone's privacy especially to someone trying to win someone heart. I'm a little bit naughty to Capricorn man he knows that' I always teasing him , I'm too old for him and he only want me for casual relationship and i said to him that I dont do that and im afraid it's not my thing or I dont like that kind of senario and I'm still uncertain. Wow I was surprised that time he gave me a bit long answers suggesting to me how bout let keep things happen till I'm certain on what do I want it sounds like if I said yes I will her gf . Lol I silly and I know it's not good cos he might thinking Im so bad cos I know his good person but I never believe him then last night I get what I did to him Lol

    You know what I have stron feeling that one day we will catch up again

  • Anyways I have to be a honest here I'm happy cos this Capricorn helping me to built my self confidence. Cancer man take everything to me I get needy and I shouldn't allow him to let me

    Everything happen I'm not a jealous person I'm happy for who I am and what I got I usually share my everything and yes I'm always out of control., I hate hearing to him or to anyone comparing is not good. I give my all cos I know he has nothing to cherish and he said to me that the only treasure he has is his family. His parents left them to orphanage and they are lucky cos they have same poster parents and that's why his undery skin and during school holiday that's the only time they get together. He said to me when they are young they had new clothes shoes during Xmas or and occasion . When I gave him gift I can see on his face how happy and thankful he was and telling me it's totally unusual to him cos no body give him gift very simple things but means a lot to him. I always said to him to forget everything that's past and he must be proud to his self now cos he has a good job and I encourage him to become ambitious and always aim him which is he did it know his doing Uni. He has two relationship and I know it breaks his heart. He said to that his on the deep debt and his two relationship cost him a lot he can even rent his own place. He knows that what I'm doing to him is way far to my past relationship. As the days past by he see me that my life is quite easy compare to him and he always see us keep on touch thru mobile, Internet , cos everyone is leaving away. My childhood is almost like him but my parent are all working away and I got everything love and care material things too easy though I get upset sometimes but way far from him. Where now allowed sharing family pictures but he can't stop me doing that cos at my place I do have it later on he saw my pictures when I was young my family like travelling. I know that he missing a lot of things but I always said to him it's not to late. I want to tell him when we get married we both know what to do but I can't say it I will blow him away Lol...

  • Wow...

    Now I see how much you care for the Cancer man, but I don't think it's you being needy. I feel that you just have put a lot of your expectations on him. He has given you something that you have not found with anyone else which is why, to me, you feel so connected to him--that you have to help him. That's mostly what I feel too. That it is you wanting to help him, and after all he has gone through.

    I think your withdrawal phase was due in part because you were trying to change him and yourself. You're hoping that he will change so that you can continue your relationship, but at the same time, you may be acting in a way you are not used to. All your energy and strength is being used up quickly because it's not working. It's actually a good thing because you shouldn't change yourself for a person that treats you has he has treated you. You are perfect the way that you are.

    I asked about the Capricorn man.

    The cards said no, but they gave me Passion, Commitment and Two Paths. I think in the near future or when ever it is you feel you will talk to him, you will be busy with another relationship(s). The Two paths tells me there may be more than one man in your future.

    You have so much to look forward in the future. 😄

  • Good day! El I'm so thankful and very munch appreciated your always with me whenever I need to voice out my frustration and disappointment regarding my un wanted love affair. I am amazed of for your patient to read my broken English here it seems like your one my bestfriend . Your suck a wonderful person you always gave me concern , courage and guidance. I not really good I could be bad to but instead of fighting back I usually back off since I know myself. I'm very much cautious now to people I used to hang around and I only got few people that I trusted and I must admit that I do have doubts sometimes and I know it's not right but I learnt Fromm past so I know how to hold myself so it won't hurt their feelings I only trust my family no one else. I don't know if it's rigth but I had enough and I can easily cut myself if I know they only needed me cos I always there for them and it's killing me that in the end I'm buying my friendship but I'm not it's just I love to share my blessings and it's no good for me I didn't even realized they took advantage me for being nice to them. In regards to Cancer man I admit that my expectation way too far from what is happening to us now may be I'm so gullible to make myself believe of his act and words of mouth . Expectations leads me to depression and I'm stuck but my mistake I put my all I don't blame people doing that to me but I can't control to say something to them after all they done to me. Its funny after all they done have right all the upper hand to throw words against me before I just let it and I am the one afraid to see them cos I can't stand confrontational in public places it's not me but if u asking me to sit down and talk too easy for me. But lately I learnt to fightr but my experience help me to stand up for myself it's good to me now cos I can stop them easily but of course I will express myself in a proper way and I will not embarrass or harsh them I do that in a nicer proper way I hope they realized that it's not my lost. You know why I do love and care Cancer man the first time I meet him his the typical guy that I do like talking about his family and the first day I met him it seems like I made him happy cos it was his birthday and I didn't know it and he has no one cos he don't celebrate his birthday. I had an impression that his stable and he had no idea about my life style and all he knows is I need to work hard more than he was cos i just move to his country his country is where i live now. His totally different from all of my past relationship he notice everythinb when we getting to know each other what his trying to show me is the opposite I never once showing off anything till I get closed and now his acting strange and hearing so much from him. When we're together and I was upset he can't stand seeing me upset , and sometimes he will go to bed first cos I need to do some paper works for my family his totally seeing me that no matter I'm away I can still dot business to my family and having my own thing which he always cimplaning that my life is on my mobile phone or thru my laptop and I get upset so I will show him I'm not chatted to Internet or mobile for just telling story im talking about money or numbers. I'd tried to show it to him not to put him down but at least helping me if sometimes I can't sit down cos im tired. And his the once receiving my documents cos I'm not home during office hour he suggesting me to care off in his address after several documents and parcel his complaint so much but he never realized that we trusted him. I'm now trying to go back I want myself back I need to balance myself cos he take so much in me his the only one doing this to me to think that his unknown to me if his my friend, lover F with B for me. All of my past relatiionship is the opposite of him and he can't believe that some of the stuff that I have is from them his the only one never give me present but pain and too much to me I'm not afte to anything to anyone one I choose to be with I'm not high standard person and even though and I am not young at all but I never set my bar high when it comes to financial stability of the man I choose to be with as long as I know his responsible and well oriented family that is more than enough from me I guess a million times I always said to him hat I can drop all the luxurious or material things in my life when I know he will love me without any hesitation but he can't say anything when we're together we both acted we had relationship and if I look back on our message and exchanging pxt there is more than friends on what I read i recently showing it to my close friends and they said the were lover but he can't the truth the he again inlove but it's not what he wanted now. I now cut myself to him every occasion on his family I have to buy present so he can save his money's most of the common occasion it's always me I'm not complaining here but infairness to him he appreciate everything but why bother to complain about me and I hope he realized that I don't treat him like slave. ATM I got nothing to give to him but to understand him best wishes, and my prayers is always with him. I said to him I hope he find someone more than that I gave to him and it's hurts me but I need to say goodbye. Sad to say that I pretend that his gonna be mine but I'm all done I wont push myself to him never ever again. Can you imagine that he doesn't know my birthday far out for so long and for him I had no right to get upset cos he doesn't know my birthday and valentines day he wouldnt even care to great me but instead chatted with different lady's on the dating site. OMG!!! I'm not mad but yes I can't control my emotions cos I'm so stupid but I allow all of this some many unreasonable act when we're together his spending time with me and someone will ring him he doesn't know what to do if I didn't said why dont you pick up your call then he will answer his call and obviously his words and action is not normal and I didn't asked any explanation he will explained everything his always guilty cos he know what his doing is not right cos I always said to him if his having casual connection to someone he better tell me the truth and I will understand him but I want him and I can keep him to be my friend like the others. I swallow my pride , I cut myself short, I was manipulated and verbally abused by him without any reason cos his just upset cos he can't giver anything in return I hope he realized I simple note of appreciate or a card that is not cost him much is enough from me. He knew that and he knew that I keep simple note or any card that I received from family , relatives , friends , admirer or anyone. I'm off to him and I hope all is well to him and If you may ask me I'm

    doing alrigth now and I know things will get better if he willk showing me his effort for his wrong doing to me I must say I'll take him but I don't really know if I can give myself the way I used to treat him before . About the Capricorn Man I realized he must have a girlfriend may be sometimes he get bother and I was on time to hang out with him and I don't think I will make away to communicate with him I already drop everything from him and I want him to be happy in everything he do I always said to him his still young and it's good that his having a good career and he deserve someone better and a good person like him always win the game. And if there's someone coming along the way for me that is now I would never ever lose my hope and I have faith and I never stop believing if I didn't settle to be married I have all the love to share and adopt my own child cos u know they will be my true love when I grow old. Thanks for your kinds El your so sweet to me your the darling of all the members here. I'm glad that u entertain all I had experience here or some of the member feeling one sided or favoritisim here sorry for being upfront and I hope they wouldn't take my comment personally I only give my opinion on how I felt cos I know few people complain about that. Lmao

    I love more El and be safe always.



  • It's fine, Annie.

    I'm here to help you any way you can, if I can.

    You can type and say anything you want--even in your own language.

    There's a good online translator on the web!

    I'm glad that you are being strong and really moving on. I'll keep cheering you on, and if you feel you need to talk I'm here.

    Hugs and love to you.

  • Hello El how sweet of you sounds good to me.. I just open my account here and read your message I'm so glad that I had friend here like you and Shuabby I really adore your patient here though I sounds like a broken record here. I wonder why I always had bad experience to Cancerian sign and

    I'm not talking in general here but I am not cautious to this sign who always giving me a hard time and manipulated to poison my mind and it's quite sad cos I embrace them without any hesitation as my family but I find it they are not good companionship in my two gay are used to be my best friend in my college day who are almost the same with another gay that I meet here overseas very jealous, envious, manipulated and user when it comes to everything. I'm so sick of them and if I saw them they couldn't even looking at me eye to eye I just smile and the other on doesnt know what to do when we bump on the street. I just laughed on what they do to me in the end on the day I know who I am and i can back it up if I hear another invented story. I lately close to this cancerian girl and she is pretty much okey but still I give myself a restriction and she now started barrowing my bag and some personal stuff it's and yet full of words that this and that far out in sick of this but at least I can talk to her sometimes that she can't used my stuff and if she trying to insinuate if I have some stuff that I didn't used she was there to have it my goodness I don't really know why I always had bad luck but infairness she is nice when it comes to some advices in life which I do appreciate and can't really understand why they are always jealous person and full of talk to show off and we both know that they are barking on a wrong tree.Lol

  • I was lately trying to organized myself cos i never ever touch my work since I came back from holiday last April I had little business and I am dealing with some problem now. I can't afford to to lose it cos it help me so much it's not that big but I know I had it for so long and I'm proud to say that its my sweat and blood. I put my all just start this business and I must admit to have this small profit i sacrifce my social life. I hope things will get better I had few problems dealing to some irresponsible people they never understand that it caused me a lot if they just ignoring me and won't bother to realized that I already gave them my best and patiently waiting for their problem to me and settle those accountability it's not that much but if I add it all up it might turn to stop and full me down. I have giving a lot of my though to my goals and dreams . And yes when it comes to love and romance though, some of my plan is unrealistic and I always carried away I'll tried to remember to focus on the big picture today rather than worrying about all the details that had happened lately. It's a good time to reflect and realized how far I am come and what do I have to do in order to achieve them. Ant it wouldn't be a bad idea if I spend time talkings over with my family and few good friends who gave me advice and words of wisdom and strength to believe and gave me courage to life is not perfect and it's sad if some times its do unkind . But it's not that late cos I have choices in life . I must admit it will not turn everything in what I want instead I have to take some bad result and learnt to sacrifice which is I always do and not to get in my whole works to stop believing that one say things will be alright cos god see everything and I'm only human and I an really sorry if I already see the bad sign bit I still do it and take a risk. Life must go on even I didn't win some of my battle. Be safe always and thanks for your kindness .

    Love and care ,


  • Usually when you meet the people with the same sign, it means that there is a lesson to learn. You are attracted to something that they have, or probably it's the Universe telling you that you are missing something that all Cancers have. (Their strong emotions, maybe?)

    I think you saying that you accept them as family may be one of the lessons. Cancers are very guarded with their family and don't let just any one in.

    I'm going to give it a guess, but I think in real life you don't talk much or say what you really feel very often. Here I see that you have so much to say, but with regards to these high maintenance people that you have around you, it seems like they try to get a reaction from you. Seems like you always have a serene face and don't let them get to you. The problem is that they do, you just don't show it.

    I asked about this Cancer girl friend and the cards were very positive.

    It seems like she is a nice person despite her little bad manners. Simply put your foot down when she does something you don't like. This seems to be a good friendship despite those little bad quirks of hers.

    I asked the cards if you can give her a bit of your trust, and they said yes. Know you can take all your time in getting to know her, but again, I think she could be the one exception to your bad run with Cancers. 🙂

    Yes, right now it's all about working hard and getting ahead. You've had some bumps in the road, but the slow down should not stop you. Keeping working ahead until you have caught up.

    You can do it, just move forward!

    Take care,


  • Thanks El, yes it's true it's hard for me to say how I felt cos I don't wanted to hurt people's feelings toward me since I embrace them like a family it would be awkward for me to tell them the truth as I can analyzed in all up they always wanted to be in my shoes. Those people is not a highly maintenance they are all good pretender full of thought lack of deeds and yes they ate most protective person with their family and I know to myself no matter what I'm always proud to say that I'm open book to my family and I'm always proud of my family. They are all the same jealousy is a curse I feel sorry for them using me for owing money and using my expensive stuff and questioning me in everything I do to my life cos they always find that everything is easy to me. I'm very well indefendent mind you most or them are race in this foreign land but they couldn't afford they own house they give me a credit for everythinb I do but deep down inside they want my life to be their life. Even in my relationship their the one who had control I'm sick of their bill crap to me. I let them go though they owing me money and never return some of my stuff. About this cancer girl I can easily tell her I don't like the way she asking me favor. I was introduced to some of her friend look what is happen she always rejecting then walk I spoke English and it's not my mother tongue and I can speak 4 dialect when she rejecting me it comes back to her. This people are not totally important I can leave my life without them and I know why she was hanging out with me but I kill then with my kindness last time she saw that I'm trying to sort my stuff cos it was winter here and she saw my jumper that I had heaps and it was signature bit I hardly wear it she is trying to asked me if u wanted her to spare some of it. I said no I can't cos it's quite expensive and for questioning me that I had heaps of shoes and bag and if she were me she will change her shoes and bag everyday and for questioning me that why bother buying stuff if I didn't wear it I said to her I do used them all it's just I look after them and it looks like knew and that s are passion and to travel. When we attend party I can caught people attention and I remember before she won't let me going out with her on a big party in the end of the party she was the one who look like an presentable drunk and dancing in the floor like crazy while me I don't have bad habit no smoking Bo drinking she pushing me but no body will gonna break my law and I hate does disgusting taste and smell anyways I had a bag day again cos she is asking me where I'm and what asking freaking money ayayayayayy I got heaps of responsibility they are not my life I nearly say stay away from me blood sucker.. Lol

  • You are so right!

    You really don't need these people, but you seem too nice and not able to say, "Please to get away from me!!!"

    It's time to do something nice for yourself.

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