You can find your own answers inside

  • I have been around here for a few years and I have seen many many people asking for help and guidance from the various psychics, astrologers, card-readers and numerologists. I have also seen many people continue asking the same questions and listening to the advice given. But nobody really needs to ask anyone else for help or advice. We are all wise beings who have the knowledge and answers inside that we need.

    We just need to believe in ourselves. No one else can know us as well as we can know ourselves and know what is right for us. The irony is that no other person, self assessment tool, or program can fully give us the answers we seek. At times, external guidance can benefit us with a few seasoned tips in the right direction, but finding what truly aids, satisfies and inspires us must ultimately come from within us. Many people become hooked on others telling them what to do like children, but they must all move along themselves on their individual lifepaths once they have been helped back onto their feet. Don't use others as a crutch or you will remain crippled for life. The truth is most of us already know deep down inside the answers to our own questions. But because of self-doubt and lack of belief in ourselves, we feel the need for a second, or even thrid and fourth, opinion from someone more wise, intuitive or worldly than we feel we are. So many countless times have people said to me after a reading - "Well, gee, I guess I deep down knew that already." Of course you do!

    Striving hard to make things happen, too, often pulls us away from ourselves. "Maybe this book, Internet site, career test, coach, program etc. can give me the answer I need." Yet If we pause, we might hear our small, still voice within whispering ideas that are close to our hearts. But straightaway after that, we hear the critical, harsh voice of lifelong conditioning squashing our budding idea with “Fifty Reasons Why We Cannot Do That.” Stop listening to any other voice but your own inner guide.

    Begin within. Step back a moment and observe the stream of thoughts flooding your mind. If you do this often enough, you can get the knack of letting go of the thoughts that don’t serve you. Slowly, you can begin to hear and trust your inner authority rather than thinking someone or something outside of yourself has the answer. Through just stopping for a moment and observing yourself, you can return 'home' to yourself in any moment. Becoming your own authority of what works for you is most important. A good guide's work is to empower you to find your own answers, and to become your own authority of what works for you. You have the wisdom and answers within you, waiting to unfold.

    Our most important lifework begins in this moment as we return to our bodies, our being and our God within. It is here we gradually learn to be O.K. with whom we are and where we are, right now. Yes, this includes acceptance of the full catastrophe of our lives! 🙂 No, we cannot wait until we know our life purpose, have the ideal job, (relationship, body, bank account, house, car, holiday...) to be happy or at peace. It's likely we wouldn't be content then either. Often, a change in career, and/or an increase in our finances, or going on a date etc. only abates the restless discontent for a short time. As the adage goes, "Wherever you go, there you are." Regardless of whether we want more from our work, are without a partner, are broke, or are even living our dreams, we need to be O.K. with our lives in this moment. We need to begin within. By learning to sit and breathe and be with ourselves, despite the thoughts or fears that may surface, we come to know ourselves. We plant the seeds of acceptance and letting go; of being kind to ourselves and of trusting our God within.

    Let us return 'home' now. Sit quietly, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus your attention inward. Take a deep breath in, feel your belly expanding...and relaxing... now let a deep sighing breath out. Again, take a deep belly breath in and relaxing let a deep sighing breath out. Now, do it once more, letting go of all body tension. Notice the difference in your body and in your being. Let go of any concerns or worries, and surround yourself with light.

    Think of your question. Can you ask it in different ways? If you don't have an answer, it is often because you may not be asking the right questions. Finding an answer always comes more easily when you ask the right question. Ask this question in as many ways as you can think of. Call upon your higher self, soul, or subconscious mind to assist you. All you need do is have the intent to ask them for assistance, and they will send you light, energy, insights, and answers.

    Notice what new insights come into your mind as you ask your questions. It is important to listen to and believe in the answers and insights you receive from your intuition, your gut feelings. Trust the answers that come to you as being the right answers for you. You can know a 'soul' answer because in some way it lifts or expands you, has a feeling of "rightness" and is a winning solution for everyone concerned. It is important to develop your ability to tap into your inner guidance and become your own authority. Finish by affirming that you have all the answers within you, and you now know what they are.

    Intuition is knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations. It operates beyond time and space and is a link to your higher self. Intuition knows that past, present, and future are simultaneous, and can see the whole of any event. Your intuition is always leading you toward aliveness and joy, and out of stuck places. Your intuitive mind synthesizes information in a flash, giving you answers to problems and decisions. It shows you the most effective steps to take to achieve your goals and dreams.

    Often intuition comes to you as fleeting feelings, thoughts, or sensations that you barely notice until later, when you look back and think, "Yes, I had a feeling to do this, or not to do that." You can make these intuitive feelings more visible, so that you notice them and can act upon them. You can learn to distinguish between the quiet voice of your intuition that is showing you a good choice or direction, versus the often louder voice of your fears and doubts that want to stop you from doing new things and taking risks, or the voice of your emotions and hopes that want something to be right for you even though deep down you know it is not.

    You are already intuitive, and are probably receiving intuitive guidance in many ways. Your body may be speaking to you, giving you hints of the healthy and healing foods it would like to eat. Your emotions may be speaking to you, telling you to follow your heart, take a risk, and do something you love in some area of your life. Your mind may be speaking to you, bringing you intuitive messages and dropping new ideas into your head. Your spiritual intuition may be guiding you to explore new inner places and to try out new spiritual practices. You already know in fact what makes you happy - you know who your life mate is, what your best career is, and how to be as rich as you need to be. It's just that you have issues of low self-worth or self-doubt or fears and insecurities stopping you from hearing those wise inner answers.

    What is your Intuition telling you now?

    Think of these areas of your life and ask yourself, "Is there some intuition I have, some feeling of something I need to do, or stop doing?" If there is, let that become more visible to you now, or in the following few days, to show you how to be on a higher path in these areas:

    My body, health, and physical well-being

    My career, job, and daily activities

    My love life and how I love myself

    My relationships with my family, friends, co-workers, and others

    My relationship to creativity, money, prosperity, and financial or emotional independence

    Spiritual Growth - what is next for me?

    Finding my passion ('finding it' can be misleading as your passion never leaves you. It is part of our truest self. After years of pouring our energy into making a living or caring for our family, our passion may seem but a distant dream. But your passion smolders, waiting to be reclaimed and fanned. If you look deeply, you'll see your talent and gifts have always been with you.)

    As you review each area, notice if one stands out for you. Ask yourself if there is something you are getting a feeling to do differently, or to change. Have the intention for your inner guidance to become clearer to you, so that you can recognize what it is showing you. The only action you need to take right now, if you are not sure what to do, is to ask that your intuition become stronger and clearer so you can take action on it.

    We are in a New Age now, the age of being our own gurus and life coaches. By now, we should be able to rely on our own strength and wisdom, not on anyone else's. The only reason we may not be doing that is because we do not realize that we truly have all the answers we seek within us. But we do! Believe it and set yourself free.

    Some excerpts from the work of Orin and Daben, spirit guides, and Teresa Proudlove, life coach

  • Thank you Capt for posting this. and you are so right but sometimes it is hard to trust the answers within after life gives you a beating. but like the old saying goes everything happens for a reason and you must learn the lessons being taught 🙂

  • There may be times to come when we are on our own and can only turn within for help and guidance. We must be able to rely on our own intuition at such times of crisis or isolation.

  • Hi captain..Can you please check this thread for me ?? Would appreciate your help..thanks in advance....

  • Captain Thanks for your unending support

    I agree with your posting. Trust in oneself is a huge challenge but in the end most rewarding & comforting. Relying on others for answers & solving our problems is placing a huge responsibility on the other person. In the end, trusting oneself & the Universe is the way to growth & happiness. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give each other is the support we need to learn to trust our self & our intuition

    Blessed be


  • Izarra85, did you even read this thread?

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