Captain help please

  • Captain

    My son born 10-9-66 has an old debt (a 15 year old debt) and the collection agency has gotten my number

    and thats how I found out about it. I told him about it and my son said this is an old debt that has been

    written off by the company and it is not even listed in his credit report anymore.I have seen the

    collection agencys website and a lot of people are complaining about them.

    Theres a lot of wrong things they are doing. My son doesnot know

    what to do. I told him you must call them and tell them your reason whatever it is he has not told me.

    Do you think its right for him to call the collection agency? Is their any harm if he doesnot call them.

    What do you think is the outcome on this?

    Thank you very much & many blessings

  • Yes he should try to show them he is interested in sorting things out by calling them. If they still insist the debt is current, he must consult a higher authority, like the Credit Ombudsman or similar. Does he have proof the debt was paid? The worst outcome will occur if he does nothing.

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