Compatibility reading please Captain

  • Hi Captain

    I hope you are well.. Can I please have a compatibility reading?

    21st Oct 1976

    8th March 1971

    Cheers thanks heaps

  • This is not terribly compatible for a healthy longterm love relationship. There are evident inequalities here. You Sonnie will tend to dominate this relationship and if your friend doesn't balance and temper it with his sensitivity, understanding and more mild-mannered, unassuming ways, it will not be viable. This important role of his must be recognized but unfortunately it more often goes unappreciated, leaving him feeling mistreated from time to time. In extreme cases, the relationship can have a sadomasochistic flavour. Both of you should be careful then not to settle into fixed roles in which your friend suffers at your more aggressive hands.

    Inequalities like this can occur in a marriage or a working relationship here but are not always obvious. The determining factors, surprisingly enough, are usually not yours but the attitudes of your quieter, more solitary friend - should he suffer from low self-esteem, or repressively replay old scenarios from childhood, he may end up pushing you to act more aggressively, because his psychcological expectations will cast you as an oppressive authority figure from his youth. If the two of you can go without any such expectations, however, you may be able to have a healthy and satisfactory friendship, in which your friend's sensitivity has a positive effect on you, tending to bring you into closer contact with your own emotions.

    The success of a love affair here, on the other hand, would depend on you and your willingness to dive to the depths of feeling with your partner. Should you hold back at all, or aim for a more superficial sort of satisfaction, he would grow restless and dissatisfied with the relationship. And since you can be so hard to draw out, this is a likely scenario. You two would also be ineffective at handling heavy depressions, should they arise, and should perhaps be content with just having fun together.

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