Why i cant seem to find the right guy

  • Ive been dating my daughters father on and off for 2yrs now,by far the worse relationship ive ever had.This guy use to be super mean to me, mean i was no saint either but he always pressed my button.He never hit me but was verbally abusive to me,as i was to him too.Now we have a beautiful daughter together and he does want to be a part of her life, but i refuse because we dont get along.When i tried working things out the last time,he was trying his best to do the right thing i just couldn't get over the way he treated me so i started treating him like crap and talking down to him like he did to me.I sometimes wish i got out of this rut when i had a chance but it didnt happen that way.now i dont know how to handle this situation because he telling me my daughter has nothing to do with our problems..and he is right i just dont want to be around a man that's going to treat me like crap so i told him to get visitation for her.....i want to know what is everyone's opinion on this and what i should do....or maybe a little physic reading so i can know where this relationship is going.....my DOB 6/28/1981.....His DOB 5/5/1981..........cancer women with tourus man does not mix in my book..hehe

  • Hi Kateez411,

    Yes, I was going to say you need to have a legal visitation agreement. You must really work on yourself to separate your relationship of you and him from your relationship of you and your daughters. Unless there is a situation in which your daughters are a risk of any kind then you absolutely must protect them and keep them away from him. But he is a good father (separating the fact of you and him not getting along) then you must let the girls see him or your daughters will pass you the bill years from now. Get counseling for yourself, and mind you you may not find a good fit for a counselor for a while. You must find someone with good skills. I am talking from experience. I have been through all of this (verbal abuse included). Now, after 7 years I am in a good place with my daughter's father and we are supportive of each other's parenting and not being together was the best thing for my spirit, although at the time it really hurt...I hope that you find the best solution for you and your daughter's sake.

  • oh, it says daughters on top and then daughter, so I guess you have one girl. I have one girl too. I know how hard it is. Be well!

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