Is there a message to this persistent occurence

  • I have come to the conclusion, that I need to ask.......About 4 months ago I started to see 11;11 A;M or 11:11 P:M. on my digital clocks I am retired and seldom check the time, I have 3 digital clocks in the house,, microwave, radio, coffee maker,,,,,,I started to chart the times this happens example..... I may come go to the kitchen for a glass of water I turn around and there it is 11;11 .. I may go to the bedroom retrieve a book,,,, I go to the living room again,,, I get a phone call again ,,11;11. Now I decide to tell my sister in a telephone conversation,and I start to tell her without giving her the number, WE DON,T SPEAK THAT OFTEN so you can imagine my surprise When she say,s DON,TELL ME, ... She say,s is it??? 11;11. YES there was a pause and then she said well it has been happening to me But not at all like it is happening to you. Can you tell me what this could mean as it is really puzzling me now. This is happening appr. 3 to 4 times a week I am not on any time schedule only if I have Appointments, So can you tell why this is happening ... Thank you...Leinida

  • Hoping to to get some feed back form someone soon, Leinida

  • Still hoping to get some feedback

  • awhile back I also started to see 11:11. it is change that is coming that is what I was told and yes change is happening to me again so i just try and go with the flow and not to let it un-nerve me

  • Thank you shadowmist for responding to my post, I have noticed and felt a stronger feeling for enlightenment and spiritual growth, this feeling has been with me for about 3 yrs. Perhaps the 11 is telling me I am doing fine. It does not un-nerve me as i am curious of the meaning of it. I have always had certain numbers around me but not the 11 . I too am going with the flow. leinida

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