Taurus/Leo Love Reading

  • I just met this Leo man 8/8/77 and I am Taurus 4/22/76. We text everyday and have been on one date. We live a couple of hours away from each other. I would love to know how he feels about me. I feel like there is promise here, but we both are coming off divorces so I don't want to rush things or fall too hard too fast. I want to ask him to come spend the weekend with me next weekend, but I am not sure how to appoach the subject. Is it too soon? Will he say yes? Help!

  • Hey TaurusInTransition

    I was intrigued by your request so I took a shot at this so see what you think!

    I did one of these 5 figure spreads I have been using lately.

    It is really interesting!

    You are a lot of pentacles and a strong cup the queen under you and he is all wands (self-image in maturing phase) and CUPS.... like intense cups. I see more love energy pouring out of him your way than is coming from you! You seem to be focused on the physical and that sounds like fun hha..hje is leaving behind some self - image isses, the 7 so he has been trying to figure him out. Good news, the 9 in his heart so this guy looks solid to me, according to this he is ALL love and A strong confident self so he should be fun is what I see!

    His head is the ten cups so his thoughts are filled with love for some direction, lets hope you!

    His reaching hand is the page so this guy is WANTING TO TAKE A CHANCE WITH YOU. He us riding on the chariot so what he is doing he is doing swiftly - your way.

    Your general path is all a very mature love, so you know what a real relationship is all about. I have good news, according to this you two are a match made in heaven is what I see! Now I am just going by the cards however there is a wild convergence between your figures that makes you two look like two of a kind, like soul mates perhaps? Let's find out! Let me know! Yay~!

    He is more solid footed right now. The chariot is setting the pace and it looks like around 225 MPH. You are standing on tip toes... what does he think? what does he think? You know what I see, he is crazy about you!

    WOw, that was fun, I wish all relationships were as easy to nail as yours! 🙂


    p.s. i wuz gonna show you the cards i can't find my cam oh well, it looks pretty.................

  • Thanks AstraAngel! Wow! I sure hope it is a match made in Heaven. 🙂 I feel so me when I'm with him or talking to him. He is quite shy and doesn't say much, but I felt like he really enjoyed our first date and he promptly answers all my texts. I want more time with him so I think I will ask him to come spend next weekend with me. Yay! Thank you, again! 🙂

  • Well, Astra- he was moving quick towarrd someone else> He told me today he is dating someone. 😞 Any idea if it will work out with her or is he meant to come back to me?

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