• Hi how are you? I seen you are doing reading. I would like to know if you can do one for me? when you time please no pressure. Can you read on my relationship. Will my partner and I stay together for much longer? or Will I find someone that is actually worth my time? an anything else the cards want to say. Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl -

    Okay, let's take a look at your relationship situation. I've drawn one card so far to set the general tone for this discussion.

    And that card is "The Fool", or simply trust. So already I can tell that you are trusting, which is good!

    The next card is "death", or a very significant transformation is occurring for you. You are shedding one way for another, one path for another.

    It would appear to be in connection with an affair of the heart. Something you thought was a foundation. "Four of Cups".

    Then, the "Nine of Wands", a strong self identity. Whatever is happening for you right now is a path that leads you to a very mature identity, self image, a deep belief in yourself. So these events taking place, apparently connected to love, and that appears to be transforming, are all leading up to something really wonderful for you.

    Finally, "Temperance" which simply means remain calm and balanced as your relationship changes. -astra

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  • Thank You

    Do you see if the relationship will be over?

  • Are you married? Then whatever problems are normal.

    Otherwise, if you are just dating or hanging out or something, then it looks like it could be ending based on the vibes I am getting from you. Either that or you two will reach some sort of breakthrough in the relationship which will take it to new depth of love.

    Which scenario would you prefer to see happen?

  • Well mot married but we live together with our daughter I would like to take it to new depth of love which will be more common we been tigether or almost 7 years.

  • Okay then for all practical purposes you are married. Committed to each other on some level, and you have your daughter so you are a lovely family.

    So in your case I would say that as long as you really want to work on it, the relationship can become what your vision of it would be. Here are some thoughts....

    Knight of Cups sounds like your s.o. Emotional. Passionate.

    Then the 9 of wands which seems like the relationship's present stand. Sort of defensive between you two.

    Then the 5 of cups which does sound like some changes emotionally with you two. Adjusting about something.

    Then the 8 of wands, which sounds to me like your relationship calms down or something and settles back into something a little sweeter. Like turning down the thermostat a touch. It sounds like you and your partner have recently entered more heated waters. and this is a sign that will calm.

    Then the Knight of Swords. So this is your partner after some developments. Seems he is calmer and more thoughtful about you and your daughter.

    Then the 5 of cups again... more emotional adjustments... hmm... I am getting the feeling you two are locked in some sort of pattern? Like communication issues, things heat up, you eventually reconcile (apologize?) however something is left unsaid or unresolved. This brews under the surface until it comes out forcefully again. So there could simply be a communication issue here where someone is not feeling heard, and that is causing some problems.

    Does that sound anything like your situation? I am only hoping something will help, as you are a family, you really want that to remain together, healthy. So let's see what we can do to turn this around, how does that sound? I am hoping for the best here for all three of you.


  • Astra yes you are right on everything our major issue is him not communicating the way it should and we always go back and forth about him not telling me the things he feels or is going thru I always have to find out through other people. Lately we had some problems with a third person another woman. His very indecisive about what he wants.

  • Let's not dilly dally around. Here is what I got.

    Do you want to keep your family intact? Then you need to open your heart to what your partner has with this other woman.

    Your companion has a secret love (or some sort of connection) with this other person, and he is not wanting to talk about it because he anticipates that conversation will be challenge. He may not be as mature as you are emotionally so this is new ground for him. So he is just bottling up his feelings right now.

    That is where matters are at... I am not sure where to proceed from this point. This is not one of those situations where the outcome is "fixed" perhaps. You are making choices that will play a big part in the outcome. So hang in there, we'll keep pushing ahead and see what we can discover.


  • Yes I do want to keep it that's why I haven't moved on and leave him. I spoke with this girl before and I don't know what's her deal because she knows that his with me. I also think the she knew that since the beginning but just acted like she didn't. I read a message from her to him saying the she was tired of sharing him. I really don't know what's going on with him the more I try to talk to him about him telling me the truth he just doesn't want to speak of her. I have also told him that he can leave that he is not forced to be with me but he just doesn't not that I want him to leave but he has had his ways out of the relationship but just doesn't take them. I don't know if he doesn't do it because he knows of everything that I do for him or what. Everytime I ask him something about our relationship he just tells me " I don't know" and the next day his like whatever.

  • Hey Saggurl...

    Have you two talked about getting couples counseling or something? I would encourage you to do that. You have a daughter here who really needs a good father figure in her life and to have this end up breaking your relationship would seem not the best.

    I did another reading on all 3 of you, hoping to see what is going on...


    his head is in love land somehow. 7 of cups, he is dreaming of something emotionally or psychically. His heart is the chariot which is rapid change in some way. He wants to make some changes I think he is hesitating though, (ten of wands reaching out which is hesitating. He may be weighing something out between your relationship and something else (the temperance card at his feet). He recently let go of something materially that was a foundation, like a physical thing, an item or something...


    Your head is the ten of swords which is a lot of thinking for sure. Strong intellectually weighing this deal out... this is a card of "what do I act on next?" Your heart is the Queen of Wands who knows who she is, and your feet-path is the queen of cups, who knows what she feels. Your intuitive abilities are especially strong. So the general tone for you is queenship. You are reaching out with a two pentacles which to me is something to do with that "he has had many ways out..." this seems to be something you keep holding out to him. I would tone that down a little. He will always have ways out whether you give them to him or not.

    HER (this other person)

    Her head is the 4 of cups so she is thinking a lot about foundational love, like something more established in her emotional life. Her heart is the queen of swords, so he heart seems rather intellectually strong for some reason. He feet path is the eight of cups, which is more foundational, organizing energies of love or emotional life. So she is busy emotionally right now. She is reaching for the seven of swords, which is imagining in the mind, so she is devising something... letting go a four of swords so she recently said something, or had a dependable thought or belief that she has let go.

    Hopefully you can get something from that? I still think some counseling for the two of you would be very good...


  • I have thought about getting counseling but for him he always has excuses. I do believe his in love land since this week his being weird I see him and he looks sad but since he doesn't want to talk about what he feels I no longer ask him anymore and when I do ask he says nothing is wrong when I know there is. Would it be that his trying to leave? I think this issue is really consuming and really weighing on me. I do think on what to do next sometimes I feel like walking out sometimes I don't. Also I do believe in intuitive are strong as everytime I feel something is going on it comes true.HER by letting go do you mean she might be letting go of him?

  • SagittariusGurl

    I just did another reading on him, and he seems more concerned about something today (energies shift from day to day). He has 5 swords thoughts and an 8 swords heart, so he is really weighing something out, changing his thinking about something.

    He is also 'reaching' out for 8 of cups, so he is trying to organize his emotional life somehow. His path seems to be 8 wands this morning, so this sounds like he is also dealing with his own identity in terms of organizing and affirming who he is. I think the whole experience these past few months (years? looks like it has been going on a while?) has left him really dealing with some fundamental questions which he will now be required to decide on.

    He has been a loving father to your daughter, and it seems he is a kind and considerate man, he has treated you tenderly in the past. So this latest "quiet" phase for him is a new experience for you as he has always been open about anything. All of a sudden he is withdrawn and quiet, and no amount of prodding from you will open his shell.

    I do think the presence of this other person raised issues for him (ethical, moral) issues that he has to weigh out. So he has been quietly considering his path, and he does want to do the right thing (trust that things will work out).

    I do have the strong sense this morning that you should try and be patient with him while he does his own sorting and sifting out of his life. He knows in his heart that he has responsibilities toward you and your daughter, that goes deep for him. However, the entering in of another person did spark desires and longings in him that he has not known what to do with. (Funny how these "other people" seem to pop out of nowhere to turn our lives upside down, nice... 🙂 ... so he knows what he has with you... this other person seems to represent the "mystery" aspect of life to him and he is attracted to that... do you consider him a spiritually seeking guy? Do you two have any sort of shared spiritual or religious practice? (are there ANY guys seeking a spiritual practice? haha).. I ask that to get a sense for the spiritual atmosphere in the home...

    So, I would be very patient right now. Try not to react to his silence in a way that makes it obvious you are trying to prompt him to open up. You can't force him to share. He needs to see that you trust him, and that you can be patient. You need to experience the fact that you can trust him... that his silence may simply be a sign of his own personal spiritual growth.

    You should try and refrain from too much speculation about him, what is he up to, that sort of thing. And also when it comes to this other person, I would keep an open mind and not visualize anything 'happening' between them. I don't know all the details there, it sounds to me like the issues is mostly physical between the two of them (pentacles) and he may be trying to distance himself from her. Its just that right now he is really having to do the soul searching to find himself as a man, a man who has integrity, a man you can respect.

    So does that make sense? I would go about your life as nicely as you can, keep everything flowing along, be receptive should he want to talk, however I would not force anything with him. Show him you are calm and quiet and trusting - that will be the s e xiest action you can take with him. Simply be the same lovely gurl he first met, and he will remember why he fell in love with you in the first place.

    I wouldn't be concerned, this is a bump in the road for you two... everyone is learning lessons, finding themselves. You, your partner... even the "mystery lady" out there. She is learning to keep her cotton-pickin' hands to herself.

    So, how does that sound? Patience, sweetness, I see a bright turn of events... I just drew the six of cups so EVERYTHING can work out with you and him. That is our goal. It will require faith and a trusting heart, kind, considerate words, not emotional responses... keep your cool and he will see what a gem he has with you..


  • He has been a lovely father and has done what he can for her. I myself I can't complaint cause his been good to me till now that all this is happening. I try to give him his space and let him be and do what he wants. I always been like. Us being religious not really I do believ in god but just don't go to church. It is funny how someone out of nowhere can change things in a heartbeat. I really hope things change.

  • I am going to take your advice to taking everything cool I try most of the time and I have changed on that way because I would always jump into things screaming and getting all emotional and I know he doesn't like that. I also have to change my ways on taking things and learn how to trust him again even though I try now but all the thoughts I have in my head make me doubt him sometimes and I know that by doing that I push him away.Lets see how all this turns out.

  • Yeah I bet when you show him how cool and nice you can be, even though he is not opening up, he will really see that you are confident you know? That is very attractive to him... I'll bet he'll melt in your arms before you know it... you stay cool and he will thaw...

  • Yeah I bet when you show him how cool and nice you can be, even though he is not opening up, he will really see that you are confident you know? That is very attractive to him... I'll bet he'll melt in your arms before you know it... you stay cool and he will thaw...

  • Thanks that's what am trying to do like now he told me he was going to go out with a friend I said ok I know he needs it cause he works a lot. But at the same time a lot of things are going thru my mind but am going to stay positive and believe him and not tell him anything and just show him that I trust him.

  • So let me give you and update about that night. Well he left and came back an hour later and posted on fb "Changing myself around 180 degrees starting tonight!! But the good thing is that I learn from my mistakes!! So f*** it!

    Been thru it but not again.. And then they wonder why am an ah*!!

    He started acting like everything was good with and started hugging me. He hadn't done that in a while. I don't mind at all him doing that. So yesterday i logged in on fb since I have her as a friend I saw that she posted a picture with some guy kissing and that she was in a relationship with me. I was a bit shocked so I figuered that that was the reason that he had posted that.

  • Okay... not sure what all of this means however as long as their are hugs sounds good to me... so she said she was in a relationship with you?

    Drew the Temperance (blending card) so that sounds like some harmonizing going on here.

    Wands - Ace, so a new identity for your relationship

    Swords - Ace some new thinking too.

    Cups - 5 of cups some emotional adjustments still.

    Pentacles - 3 so material plans, home, security patterns.

    I wonder if all of you are trying to connect up so that no one loses in this situation, isn't that we should all be after? Anyway, it feels like something nice is developing here! I would keep doing whatever it is you are doing it seems to be working!


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