• With all due respect Rebecca, please be careful where you go with this topic and try not to make much ado about nothing. I know folks who have been in psychiatric or relationship counseling for years - are they addicts? (Note that I would put this in the category of "costly" and questionable in getting results - based on the apparent lack of them.) I know people that I personally think have an unhealthy attachment to religion. Are they addicts? I know women who can't seem to make a decision on their own without routinely doing a survey of their friends points of view on a daily basis. Are they addicts. "Yes" possibly they are, but the common thread is that they are having difficulty coping with life situations and are seeking comfort, relief and ideally a path out of their suffering or uncertainty. All of the forms of exploration you find present in this forum; Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, etc. are ultimately just tools for one to use for introspection and personal growth. "Yes", I'd agree that people probably reach for these most often during times of distress, but that doesn't mean that it will take them on a path to addiction. Who is to say that even if someone indulges in daily psychic readings (assuming they can afford it, lol) for whatever length of time, that they might not ultimately reach a point when they find the inner strength/answers they need to "go it alone".

    I hope that you will take it upon yourself to experience a psychic consultation for yourself, better yet several. I've had three in my lifetime. I found them insightful, thought-provoking, and in some part accurate. What I will say about all three is that the psychic never left me with any impression other than the fact that I was ultimately in charge of my own destiny and that the future is never definite - we are in control by the decisions and choices we make.

    Be careful as well with the use of such terms as "emotionally damaging" and "sufferers" - make sure you qualify such generalizations before you throw them out there.

    Who is funding your production? Would it happen to be Psychologists who would love nothing better than to pull the "addicts" away from the psychics and into the warm, cozy comfort of their offices?

    Good luck with your project, and despite what I've said here, I sincerely mean that. I will hope to one day see it in it's completion.

    Jenever7 - University of Missouri - Columbia Journalism graduate 1982, Spiritualist, and very weary of Media's tendency to create news rather than simply report it. 🙂

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