Blue moon, I really need your help, i feel like I am going crazy?

  • I have an issue that has been bugging me for months and I would like to know or to see if you could help me at least lightened up of what really happened.

    I am a friend with male, we met overseas. I dont believe in connection but somehow I think I do now, I couldnt forget him, I feel like I am always on his thoughts, as he is always on mine. Its been 6 months since he left, We were just friends for a very short period of time, despite of the distance we email each other. He stopped communicating with me, I sent him 8 emails in 2 months with no response, I am not sure if he is reading my email or my emails just being sent to trash.

    Can you please do a reading for me, what went wrong and what really happened? Will I ever hear from him again? Will he ever come back to the Middle East? Just want to know what is really going on him now a days. I

    For some reason no matter how busy I am he appears in my head daily for no reason ( not in romantic ways) but just his face looking at me. I feel like I could feel him thinking of me.. I am not sure if I am going crazy or obsessed, not sure which is which.

    Thanks a lot and I appreciate your time.

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  • Hello Blumoon...

  • hello blumoon? please?

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