Desperate to Escape

  • I have had a reading on this before but it was basically just telling me to do something about it and not providing me with the positive outcome I was seeking.

    I REALLY need to get out of the job I'm doing now. I have applied for many, many jobs but am coming up with zilch. Presently I'm an office manager and my admin assistant resigned a few weeks ago - my CEO has decided not to replace her but instead has passed her work onto me. Now, I'm not adverse to tackling any project or task but to hand over all the admin to me as a manager is just not on. It's so degrading and very much a step back. All my previous skills are not being utilised anywhere near, therefore they're becoming stale and I'm scared that I will soon be unemployable.

    It's not even a case of leaving and getting temporary work during the interim period due to the fact you HAVE to have a residency visa out here to work and they're generally supplied by your employer. Once you leave a job your employer then cancels your visa.

    Sorry if the above doesn't make sense but my mind is just not functioning well at the moment and am feeling well stressed out. There are also other issues surrounding work but I don't wish to go on forever and am sure nobody wishes to read an adaptation of War and Peace.

    Can some advise if I'll be offered another job soon and whether it will be in the same country.

    Thanks from a mashed up head 😉

  • Dear Yummy,

    You will get another job offer before you leave your current job. It will be offered by a woman with red hair or red in her hair. I get a 3 in the amount if time it will take. I see mountains here so that can mean one or two things. You are now living by mountains or you will feel like you have climbed a mountain when you receive this new job.

    The fact that you have applied for many jobs and am not getting calls should tell you that jobs are not easy to come by at this present time, and many people are having to carry extra burdens like a bigger work load and longer hours to maintain the jobs they are now on.

    Center yourself and take yoga or do something to recharge yourself, this will help you be able to keep yourself centered and grounded until the next job comes to you.


  • 1st of all yummy there is nothing degrading about being an admin it is the bone of every business. Learn from it it will hone your skills & looks good on a resume. I work part time as an a/r manager, parts manager & yes all admin work I am an admin by trade & it has help me keep this part time job while searching for full time work The market is tight for jobs right now so you need to give yourself an extra edge & by all means follow up with the the jobs you applied for

  • @ Shuabby, thank you very much for that positive reading. I shall certainly keep you posted should anything transpire. No, I'm not living within a mountain area so the outcome should be even better in that case with appearing that I've received a brilliant position.

    @ Shadowmist, I hope I didn't offend anyone and I certainly wasn't rubbishing off anyone who worked in Admin. I'm quite an ambitious person workwise and to me it is a backward step but I am well aware that every single cog in a workforce is an important one. From cleaners to CEO's. Each has an individual role to accomplish and without each one it wouldn't function very well. So please do not think I'm putting anyone down by saying what I have. The frustration comes from being made redundant when I was a Facilities Manager back in UK and it is a role that I'd dearly love to return to as it's so versatile and diverse - never a dull moment. Problem is when I'm now applying for that type of position I'm asked why I've been out of that area for so long, which annoys me as it's definitely not through choice. So what I'm saying is that my past experience is becoming stale and the longer my skills are not used the less use I am to someone. Hope that clears up my intentions.

  • Shuabby, looks like the 3 you mentioned will be in years. I was hoping it would be in months 😞

  • Yummybrummy, the best managers are the ones who are able to delegate. If you are an office manager you must have a team. Get them working for you. Delegate. it will make your life easier.

  • Thanks Paddi but my life here isn't hard, it's totally boring and if I delegated my work out I'd have almost nothing to do. This is my problem - I'm not being challenged or utilised enough but as I previously mentioned I was hoping I'd have been out of here by now subject to Shuabby's reading

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