Lightworkers Entering the New Era

  • a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

    Dear friends, it’s such a delight for me to be here with you. I enjoy being with you so much. I know you all. We have shared moments like this before on earth, just being together enjoying each other’s presence. Feel this with me, whether you are present in this room or listening to this channel from a distance. We are connected from the heart. Time and space do not matter so much on this level. Let us celebrate our oneness together.

    I see in all of you such a longing and such an inspiration to bring about a new reality on earth. You are carrying the torch of Christ consciousness in this age and I celebrate you for it. You feel that a lot is changing at this time and indeed there is turmoil and chaos across the world right now, and deep in your heart you carry a vision. It is the vision, the image, of the promised land. You have carried this vision for many lifetimes. If a soul had genes you would carry it in your genes as a soul. Time and again this vision, this inspiration, has inspired you to return to earth, but what is the promised land about? There was talk of the promised land in the Bible, and some people thought at the time that it was about a specific physical country but it wasn’t. At this time you call it the New Earth. You envisage a different reality lying ahead of you, but I tell you the New Earth you are dreaming of is born inside your heart. You have cherished this vision of the New Earth for such a long time and now it is time to express it outwardly in the world, and it’s time to join with others who are of likeminded spirit.

    Now, throughout history you have all been wounded. You tried to bring in new consciousness time and again but you also met with resistance and aggression on earth. This has wounded you deeply and there is still a lot of fear in many of you. How to deal with it? How to heal yourself? My message today is that in healing yourself you are bringing in the reality of the New Earth, the promised land.

    In the past, many of you were focused on external changes. Even I was in my lifetime on earth. I saw a lot of injustice around me and I could feel anger about that. To remain balanced I had to withdraw from my environment and to find a quiet place to reflect. I had to balance my own emotions and restore my connection to my soul, and the same goes for you. You want to change things outside of you, but your true mission is to go within and see what is in need of light there, to feel the connection to your soul; and you have entered this lifetime to heal yourself from old wounds and as you do so, your consciousness will change. As you look within and see your own deepest fears and pain can you reach out to yourself? Can you have compassion with the darker parts of you? This is the real challenge for you today: to become truly one with yourself, accepting what is. Sometimes when you think or feel about the New Earth you get very excited and want to move forward as quickly as possible, and the vision you love is indeed true, but there are still parts of you that need attention, that need your full attention to heal.

    Now I want to do a little exercise to connect to this part of you most in need of healing. Imagine yourself standing in front of a gate. Behind this gate is the New Earth, the promised land. Feel the energy of this gate and see how it is now slowly opening. Light is shining through it and you take some steps forward. But you are not alone. Next to you is a child. It is yours. Now move forward towards the gate. Experience the light coming from this new reality and see how you respond. What is your first reaction? And now kneel down next to the child and ask her or him what they want. Is there fear in the child? Does it need your support in any way? It may very well be that part of you wants to move through that gate as fast as it can while other parts hold back and hesitate. Don’t judge those parts of you. Allow them to present themselves to you as a child in need of tenderness and patience. It is your mission in this lifetime to take care of the parts of you who cannot yet receive that much light. There are still negative beliefs in you about your own worth, about your own value and your own gifts. So I ask you instead of moving forward as fast as you can, kneel down to this precious child inside you, for it holds the Christ energy just as much as you. This child makes you a human angel. It contains your humanness, your doubts, your fears, and it is only when we fully embrace this part of ourselves that we can reach out to others with true compassion and understanding. And that is truly what brings in a new age on earth – not the desire to change things outwardly but the ability to go inside of you and reach out to the darkest and most desperate parts inside. This is how you bring the New Earth closer to the now moment, and this is what you can do for others as well. Whenever you see their struggles or their pain, have no judgement. See their beauty and their courage. That is what will lighten their burden.

    So you see my message is very simple indeed. It is about loving all there is in your life. The vision of a New Earth is real and valuable, but you sometimes receive it mostly in your mind. You start to think and worry about how you are going to make it happen. You want to have guidelines for specific actions you can take. Your mind gets very busy as well as your willpower, but the coming of the New Earth will not happen in that way. Receiving the energy of the New Earth is something that you do with the heart, without expectations, without agenda. Actually, the creation of this new reality comes about much more through the female aspect of yourselves than the male aspect that you have become so used to. Both aspects are equally important, but you tend to stress and value the male aspect more. The feminine aspect of creation invites you to dream of another reality, receive visions and fantasies about it, and trust the flow of life to bring it to you. So, feeling, being receptive, allowing yourself to trust, are the qualities that are essential here. I ask you all to remain true to the vision in your heart and to have trust in life.

    I would like to invite you all to feel my energy. I am Jeshua. I am your brother and friend. I know what it is like to be human. I do not stand before you as a teacher or a master. Consider me a friend. I like just being with you. Of course you would like me to give you as much information as possible, but truly information is not the main point. You have all the information you need within your own being. Your souls are speaking to you all the time. My presence here is meant to encourage you to trust your souls. Thank you for being here with me today, and I would love to answer questions you have.

    Q.In the evening I had a vision of a light blue butterfly and this morning I saw a butterfly on a door. There were no walls only a door, and I could feel that behind that door there was a different reality. I would like to know what the door represents and also when I’m at the door and I’m looking back I feel a lot of joy and happiness, and I start smiling about the way we were or the way we did it.

    This is a beautiful image that you saw and as I just said, your soul is speaking to you all the time. And the fact that you felt moved by it and by the reality behind the door shows that it is truly meaningful. Your heart is calling you to trust this vision, this energy, and you feel moved because part of you longs so much to go inside that door. Now perhaps you can also notice that some parts of you are not so enthusiastic. This is the paradox that I’m speaking of today. Some parts of you still hold fear and have trouble receiving the light behind the door, and this asks of you to truly remain loyal to those parts of you still in need of care and tenderness.

    Q. Jeshua, can you tell something about the ascension of people in the coming year?

    A lot of people are going through an intense process of unifying with their soul in this time. You could say that every lifetime represents one ray from a big sun. Your essence or your soul is this sun, and what happens when ascension takes place, as you call it, is that you move up that ray and come closer to the source of light. And it may be the case that in this process you connect with other rays, remember other lifetimes you had. Your consciousness grows wider, and you realise that you are much more than this human body made of flesh and blood. What happens if people get connected to their soul is that they start to create from the inside out, not just responding to what society asks of you or expects from you, but really trusting your soul’s voice. This is happening on earth right now but there are several groups of people. Some are just in the beginning process of this and others are quite ahead, and that is as it is – I have no judgement about that - and it is very hard to predict what will happen on earth because of this transformation on the inner level. Every human being faces the choice between the old and the new, between fear and love, every day, and when a lot of people choose love or their soul’s inspiration then things can happen quite fast but this is not predetermined. This is your own power to choose. You tend to underestimate this power of yours. You sometimes pay too much attention to predictions, for instance about the year 2012, as if there’s reality outside you which determines what is going to happen in your life, but it is you who are the creator of your life and it is important to remain focused on you and your life. Then you will attract others who are vibrating at a similar level, who are akin to you.

    Q. I am a singer and I touch people with my singing. I am trying to do this in a professional way and at the same time I feel a lot of fear and a lot of doubt about how to go about that.

    You are very courageous to listen to the voice of your heart. Honour yourself for the choices you have made, and of course the fear is there. You have to realise that fear has become a kind of energy field around your earth. It’s like a collective fog around you, and as soon as you want to come out of it, it kind of haunts you and tries to draw you back in. It’s telling you a lot of false things, like: it isn’t possible what you want. And so the key is to recognise the nature of this voice of fear. If you tune into the energy, the frequency, of that fear you can know instantly that it’s not the voice of truth. I recommend to let the fear show itself to you in the form of a child. It is not an enemy to struggle with. It is a part of you that is most vulnerable to external judgements. Protect him. Let him know that you are there for him. Tell him how beautiful and courageous he is, and as you move forward you will see that it gets easier and easier to move out of the fog. There are people waiting for you and wanting to truly receive the gift that you bring with your voice.

    Q. What do I need to do with all my feelings from past lives? It sometimes feels like they steal energy from me and how should I stop it?

    First recognise that your past lives are a part of you but they are not you. There are aspects to your past life that are still in need of healing, and again you can see these parts of you as children coming to you for guidance. They will not go away until they have been recognised. What you are experiencing now and then is that you feel ruled by your past lives, by the traumatised energy in it, but this means that you do not recognise your own power in the present. Do not send these old lifetimes away. Invite them to come to you, but see them as children in need of guidance. Often the lifetimes which have been very difficult also contain a gift for you. The past life personality suffered pain but also had specific talents and gifts which you can use right now. The key in dealing with painful past lives is to see it in the right perspective. You are not the victim of your past lives. You are their healer.

    Q.In the past I have been very very ill but I have recovered and I’ve got a great job. As I developed myself spiritually in the way we are discussing today I got sick again and now I cannot work any more. Even though I know I shouldn’t, I am wondering what did I do wrong? Can you please tell me something about this?

    Have no judgements about the illness or pain you are experiencing. Something new wants to come your way. It is now still behind the gate, so to speak, and your faith is being tested right now. You didn’t do anything wrong. The tendency to judge yourself for things that happen in your life comes from fear. Trust that there is a bigger flow in your life that is guiding you even if it doesn’t seem to, and you can try now to feel if the illness is bringing you something that actually has value for you. I’d like to stress to you that you are not moving backward; you are moving forward.

    Q.I’d like to ask a question about working together, cooperating with other lightworkers. I noticed that as I’m changing on the inner level, I become less nice and more direct in my contacts with other people, and I feel it’s better for my energy and for the work I have to do. Yet the change is so big that I’m not sure if I’m on the right track. . . maybe I’m just scared of changing so intensely.

    What you are experiencing is that your personality is merging with your soul, and sometimes in the past your personality wanted to be nice and not offensive or confrontational; but now you feel that your soul’s voice is stronger and that you sometimes need to create firm boundaries around you. This is part of the process and it’s important when you work with others, and you feel that all of you are coming from the heart, to also have respect and take into account each other’s wounded parts, because no one has yet fully merged with their soul. We all are still very human. In the past, spiritual groups have tended to focus on external goals a lot, things that had to be changed in the world, but if you want to truly work together in this era just start by being together, just sitting with each other. Get to know each other on a human level. Don’t see it as a project that you have to accomplish from the mind, but just share the love and the friendship, and that will bring about miracles that you could never have accomplished just with your mind.

    Q. Is it really enough for me or us to merely bless our food and water before consuming it and imagine them to be full of all the goodness that our bodies require, and it is so?

    Please know that earth is a living being. Everything living on earth has their own consciousness and there is indeed a cooperation between all the realms of life on earth, human and non-human. Earth wants to serve you as a human. She wants to support the flowering of human consciousness. Therefore you do not have to feel guilty about the food you eat or the water you use. If you bless it, don’t do it from a sense of guilt but from a sense of joy and abundance. It is true that everything that you take into your body is receptive to the way you treat it, to what you think about it, so if you treat it with respect and gratitude this is being noticed; but don’t do it from a sense of guilt. Keep it light.

    Q. I have been working with groups for many years. I have given a lot. Eventually I got sick and now I’m not working any more, so my question is: what can I do to make sure that I don’t lose so much energy when I’m working with groups?

    You need to ask yourself why are you losing energy to other people? How is it that they can take it from you? You tend to connect to others very easily and in a giving way, and perhaps you can notice there’s some fear behind this. There’s also a genuine gift in this ability, but there’s also a kind of fear: what if I let go of all the needs and expectations of others? Am I allowed to do that? Will they reject me forever? Can you sense this fear? Find out about this fear inside you. It is like a child afraid to be cut loose from everything around it, and tell this child that it’s okay to stand up for itself and to have fun on its own. It’s important for you to be able to remain focused on yourself while being with others. Once you know how to do this you can work with people more easily again. Release the guilt.

    Q. How can we work together on a spiritual level if there are still emotional wounds inside us which affect our relationships?

    Don’t see the people that you’re working with as a means to a goal. It is the quality of the connection between you that will determine what will happen, how things will go. So if you notice pain in others or in yourself when interacting, don’t judge it and don’t try to move past it too quickly. You have all travelled so far throughout so many lifetimes. You now have the gift of compassion and true understanding for each other, so let that energy flow out to others and yourself, without wanting to change anything. Take your time, and again, what you wish to accomplish together you cannot know with your mind.

    Q. I have a question for Jeshua. I have been working in care for many years and I see myself as a lightworker. I’ve never done much about asking for protection. I’ve always felt protected. The work that I do is very difficult. I work with addicted people, but lately I have noticed that I do perhaps need some protection from energies that are sticking to me, so my question is: do I really need protection?

    Yes, you need protection because you have a sensitive energy from which you easily pick up on emotions of others, but you have to realise only you can protect yourself. If you need outside things, you in a sense tell yourself that you cannot do it on your own. You have to realise your own true strength, and also as in the question before ask yourself why are these energies sticking to me? Why are they bothering me? Why do you allow them in, because they’re not there only by their own power; it is you who are allowing them in. There is a sense of obligation or guilt if you don’t do that. For you, and sensitive people in general, I would also recommend to stay in touch with emotions of anger if you feel them. Don’t dismiss these emotions as bad or unworthy, because they often want to tell you something important. Anger may show you that your boundaries have been violated, and your soul is trying to tell you this through this emotion; it does not always make itself know through the more elevated feelings.

    Q. Do babies or toddlers or infants choose to be abused by parents, caretakers or priests, and do the caretakers – have they chosen this as well?

    Before the soul takes on a new incarnation on earth it chooses certain events as part of the next lifetime. However, nothing is completely fixed and predetermined. Events have a certain probability around them, and it always depends on the souls participating in the event whether it will really happen, but it is true that the soul of a child who is abused had some pre-knowledge about the possibility of this event. But that doesn’t take away the fact that the abuser had a choice, and anyone who is deciding to abuse someone else knows deep within that there’s a moment of choice, so the person doing this remains fully responsible for what happens. I know it’s very difficult to imagine that an innocent child may have in some sense chosen certain experiences of abuse, and this line of thought can never be used as a justification for these things happening, but it is true that behind every event there is a whole universe of past lives and very complicated relationships between souls.

    I would like to end this session thanking you all for your presence, and to remember the joy of the vision of the promised land. Keep it alive in your heart and at the same time keep both feet on the ground. Have passion and patience! Thank you.

    *Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua on The Awakening Zone radio show

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