Captain, I come again seeking your help

  • Hi Captain,

    Just seeking a reading...some sort of guidance with my persistent inability to let go...of old habits, old pain, old belief systems. I seem to be stuck in some sort of a cycle, two steps forward and one backward. But yes, those steps forward ARE there. But cannot comprehend this's too draining...have come a long way since I spoke to you last. Practising reiki, meditation, EFT regularly (and again not so) has helped come a long way. But now I feel like I've come up against a stone wall that I can't break or scale. In terms of my journey I see it as having cleared all the outer, more superficial stuff and have reached the core, the centre, which is very difficult to overcome. I need to integrate everything but feel unable to do so. Any guidance would be extremely valuable and appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Love and prayers.

  • To put it simply, you can't let go of something because deep down you don't want to. When you discover why clinging to the past is so important to you, you will be able to heal and move on. Is it that the past is a known quantity and therefore safe even if painful, but the future is scary and unknown? Or maybe you feel there are issues in your past that are unresolved and you cannot move on from them. Really all that we have is the present moment. Don't cheat yourself of happiness because it is only in the present moment that we may find it.

  • Thank you Captain.

    As usual you simplified everything for me in a sweep. I had never considered I may not want to let go. That's something important to mull over.

    Yes, the past is known hence safe and the future scary and unknown. I have completely lost faith in myself and my ability to guide my life into positive growth and I suppose that's what's keeping me stuck. Yes, there are also unresolved issues in the past that I am unable to integrate and that keeps me hooked to the past. I am working on these but again the results are ambiguous. I am undergoing therapy as well, Transactional Analysis and that has helped a lot but yes, only as much as I let it. I suppose, once again it is just a question of comfort zone and me not willing to come out of it...

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