HELP! Please can someone help me figure this out?

  • I would appreciate if someone could help answer some questions. My boyfriend and I had plans to go out to his moms campsite on sat for a cookout/party. and then go to visit my moms campsite on sunday. well my boyfriend just told me that his mom cancelled the party because her husband hurt his hand bad,and she isnt up for it. supposedly she doesnt like anyone spending the night,which iv heard her kinda talk like that b4. my boyfriend said that he would drop me off at my family's site sat afternoon and he will go to see his mom and spend the night,and then come to my site sun.(both campgrounds are close to each other) but I dont want to be at my site that long,especially without him w/me. my sister will her have her b.friend w/her,(which her and I dont hang out anyway),and my ex stepdad(who camps next store) will be coming over to chat w/my mom. My problem w/that is i dont like him, he has sexually harassed me 4years(thats why my mom left him). but she is civil to him cause he is my sisters dad. anyway I dont want to be there all day/night sat. I want to know the truth, "Is the party really cancelled?, or is my man lying? "why does he have to spend the night there? When we could just leave later? Now im debating whether to just stay home(my boyfriend lives w/me and my mom and sister). i would rather be alone at home then miserable at camp.i wanted my boyfriend and i to visit my camp on sunday though, but if i stay home, he likely not gonna want to waste gas coming all the way back. Im so upset,dissapointed by this, my holiday weekend is ruined!

  • What sign is your boyfriend? Something doesn't sound right.. How old is he? If you live together then the mom should understand you are both a couple....You should stick together unless he really is going somewhere else...I had one of those men not too long ago.

  • His stepdad just got out of the hospital with a bad infection in his hand wound, so she says she cancelling the party. when i voiced my displeasure at the new plans he mentioned about just going to help his mom with what she needs and then leaving, but i dont want him wasting gas either just i was complaining. i know that he isnt going anywhere else cause i heard talking to his mom on phone about the new plans, so there is no question about that.

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