• Has contacting psychics started to rule your life?

    Are you relying on a psychic to help you make serious or trivial life choices, such as in your career, love life or what you should do on your day off?

    Does the thought of giving up psychic readings scare you?

    Has your reader / friends / family suggested that you are too reliant on psychic advise?

    Has getting psychic readings begun to seriously affect you financially?



    I'm currently researching a documentary for US television looking at the growing phenomena of psychic addiction - people who develop a costly and emotionally damaging habit of using psychics on a highly regular basis. The film will serve to not only raise awareness about this problem but will also provide treatment that could help its thousands of sufferers.

    At present there are very few options available to those afflicted with this dependency (apart from psychics recognising the traits in their clients and refusing to read for them). But with help and advice from experts and recovering addicts alike, this television special aims to explore the very latest hands on methods of addiction treatment and therapy (both alternative and traditional) tailored specifically for the needs of sufferers of this little known field of addiction.

    If you consider yourself to be developing an addiction to using psychics, or know someone you’re concerned might be, then I'd very much like to hear from you. We are looking for people based in the USA to film taking part in small-scale one-on-one treatment programmes from mid August to early September.

    Personally, I have been walking a spiritual, shamanistic and conscious path for the last year, but would like to stress that this film will have neither a pro or negative stance on the issue of the paranormal. It’s the harmful addiction that we will be striving to get to the root of in the film.

    Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more. Email me at and myself or one of our small team will get back in touch for a confidential, obligation free chat in which we’ll be happy to go into any further detail for you.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this…any and all help gratefully received!

    Best Wishes


    Associate Producer

  • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your words of advise and I think I know what you mean. But it's not people that simply heavily rely on psychics that we're really looking to speak to. If that works for your life and its affordable then it's obvioulsy not a problem, but what we have seen from our research is a growing number of people who are consulting psychic advice to such an excess (i.e. phoning telephone psychics 20 times in a day until they get the prediction they want) that it is actually doing the reverse of what good psychic advice is supposed to do, harming their spirtual wellbeing and in extreme cases putting them in huge amounts of debt.

    I have seen both tarot readers, palm readers and mediums myself in my life and agree with you about how they can be both empowering, helpful and insightful.

    For the documentary we're planning to seek out the very latest in both spiritual and more traditional counselling to see if we can help those taking part to get back to a more healthy and productive use of psychics.

    Thanks Again,


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  • Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK. There have been some recent developments with the documentary, I would be grateful if you wouldn't mind taking a look:

    We have decided to take a broader look at the popularity of obtaining psychic guidance. In addition to speaking with people addicted to consulting psychics, we would also like to hear from those who believe they fall in the following category and are interested in finding out more about the show:

    • People who are new to psychic readings and have just started to use these services to help guide you.

    • Those who very regularly consult a psychic, for what they consider essential readings. They have a healthy and beneficial relationship with their psychic guide(s); can afford the consultations and would be lost with out their genuine psychic advice and insight.

    Thank you for all your input and support,



  • Hi, Rebecca -

    On an occasional basis, I've only recently started to consult psychics or those who read the Akashic Records or do Tarot , but it's part of my own developing spirituality and my belief that we all have these talents, but have not been educated or taught how to use them. So what I do is see what advice I'm getting from my own Higher Self, and then compare it to an independent third party to see if what I'm getting on my own is just my "ego," i.e., I'm "creating" the things I want to hear, or if I'm really getting a Higher Truth. As I move further down the path and learn to be more sensitive to these subtle energies, I'm learning to trust my own intuition more and more. (I'm actually also participating in an experiment on precognition at Northwestern University.) I do believe that any one can learn to channel their own Inner Wisdom/Source Energy/Higher Being, as well as the wisdom of other High Level Beings - but you need to develop the skill you were born with. I don't know if this has any bearing whatsoever on your TV project, but just thought I'd throw this out there.

    Best regards,


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