All Things Capricorn

  • I'm a Capricorn, LIbra rising, Taurus moon. Grand Fire Trine - (yes, you are playing with lava if you mess with me. Like all things volcanic, I'm either a powerful force for good or change.)

    I have discovered that like most Caps, I can either take or leave the majority of the remainder of the Zodiac, with one exception - Virgoan men are absolutely addictive to me - so i leave them alone, because playing with your food is a no-no. Arian men are another play toy. However, when I got serious about building a home and family, I married another Cap.

    The career thing is so overrated - I prefer to make enough to be able to follow my heart and develop my mind - the ultimate sexual organ is the brain, and intelligent conversation is a joyful orgy of mental foreplay. It's gotta be a Capricorn thing. What I have learned is that the control issue is a serious problem with a lot of Caps. There are a few things I'll let go of, but not many - unless and until I'm forced to.

    As for the religion thing - organized religion is a cheap trick used to control the masses. Find your own Higher Power and develop your own spirituality. Take responsibility for your own well being, and the rest will just fall into place. (Can you tell that I despise hypocrisy?)

  • Lets see... I am a Capricorn Moon Sign is Pisces and Rising is leo!


    My life purpose is to alter the conscious of others to help guide us through the age of aquarius!!

    I like to be social and i am torn between family life and street life wich I have to have both balanced out cause of course they both matter to me! lol

    its hard being a capricorn sometimes lol 😛

  • Oh and I also have all elements in my birth chart none are weak or strong! I AM BALANCED!!!!! 🙂

    Sun in Capricorn Moon in Pisces ASC in LEO!

  • So I had a rather successful first date with a Cappy....and now he wants me to babysit his stocks while he works at his day job. (he has two jobs, poor guy)

    ....I thought it was funny....

  • WOW.....!! I could not agree more. We must be twins or something or perhaps you're a 'Brother from another Mother' Great comments!

  • I am a Capricorn (12/27) Virgo rising and a moon a Scorpio, a lethal combination in my mind. I expect nothing less than excellence in my career, fiery passion in love and need to be surrounded by beautiful things in my home.

    When it comes to love, Aries is the ruler of my heart. Cancer is my enemy and Libra brings balance to my life. My three children, Taurus (a handsome, brooding lawyer) Scorpio (a beautiful "gypsy" who lives life and passion) and Pisces (a fun- loving "playboy" ) are all so different from each other and from me that I sometimes cannot believe that we are all related...

    As I read each post, I found bits and pieces of myself in each and every one. I was thrilled to find this thread, as I do not have any Capricorns in my life... and it's too bad, as I believe us to be a noble sign- loving, hard-working, intelligent and loyal (and good looking too!)

    There are not very many places in this life where we can "toot our own horn" but we can here 🙂

    Things I LOVE: travel, reading, art (in all its forms) dancing, beauty, martinis, great food and last but NOT least my Family and Friends.

    There will always be hard times in our lives, dear Cappies, but we have the strength and wit to get through because we are survivors.

    SO happy to have found a thread to call my own 🙂

    Love and Light

  • I am born on 1-19 cusp of Capricorn and Aqu. with my moon is in Cancer and my rising is Sag. I find that I am a very determined person. I know that whatever it takes to get it accomplished I can do it. I do find that I tend to also procrastinate and find it hard to get myself motivated but once I am I am a force to be reconed with. Integrity is very important to me. If I say I am going to do something then I do it to the very best. I am a very loyal person and I find that I appear hard and cold on the outside but really on the inside I am very sensitive. When I am hurt by someone I find that I do not like conforntation and I do tend to retreat. Over the years when I have tried to explain myself my words tend to be twisted and turned against me so now I just leave and say goodbye to the person or situation. I am not materialist or in serch of money like they say Caps are I do enjoy classic things and I am very sentimental when it comes to the people and things that are special to me in my life. What most people don't understand about me is that I have a hard time with betrayal or any type of dishonesty. I can deal with anything as long as I am not lied to. I hate to play detective to find out the truth so that I can work on the problem, I can handle anything but dishonesty!

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