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  • Happy Birthday Sarahleona! I'm the 18th and ready for a better New Year!

  • Happy birthday I'm the 16th!!

  • Happy Birthday to all cappies. Mine's 2!

  • I find it really interesting that as a Capricorn you feel like a Phoenix because, as you may know, Capricorn falls under the 10th house. This number 10 is very important as Capricorns are often associated with the 10 commandments, and this overall feeling of repenting from ones sins and starting anew. I am not a very religious person by any means but this really spoke to me (as a fellow capricorn) because I have always felt this periodic renewal after some sort of downfall in my life. Just putting that out there haha

  • I've got a question for all you Caps.... The aloofness that you have, especially when it comes to the beginning of a relationship, how should this be interpreted by someone else? This is more about the Cap man.

  • I don't know about the Cap Man, b/c I had a bad relationship with one of them which didn't last long and I am also a Cap woman so aloofness may be because we are hiding our feelings just like the Crabs//Cancer the opposite of our sign. Every sign has an opposite: Aries/Libra; Taurus/Scorpio; Gemini/Sagittarius;Cancer/Capricorn;Leo/Aquarius;Virgo/Pisces. But it doesn't stop there: It also depends on what sign is in your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto signs. Then there are the houses: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. You need to go to one of the Astrology websites and find out WHAT YOU ARE!!

  • Thanks casper402032 for your answer. As it turns out, that Cap and I weren't meant to be. He made the decision that there were too many miles between us and what he already had was very good and had to put an end to his selfish desires. Why can't I find a guy like that? LOL! I've done enough research on Caps to know that when they make their mind up there is no way to change it, so I just replied back to him with as much class as I had. No hard feelings. Gotta respect honesty!

  • Hello,

    I am a Capricorn. I'm new to all the other aspects of astrology in relation to your astrological sign. I've recently developed an interest in the phases of the moon and its effect on what you do. Would appreciate direction and advice.

  • I am a Capricorn by description, sure-footed, making sure everything is safe before proceeding. But I have changed as a person. I have always been a non-conformist in everything I do, but the one thing I have conformed to is... everything I own has a name on it! My jacket says Harley, my shoes say New Balance, My bags say Coach or Dooney & Bourke, my sunglasses say Oakley...

    I don't know why I have to be that way, but I do. I am driven by money and possessions, but I don't work! I am on medical disability. Sad, isn't i?

    I am a procrastinator. I have ambition, but I need to get started to get it done. I am secure in some things, but insecure in others. I want to connect with the other side.

  • Maybe your moon is in gemini. I am cappy too, ambitious, sure-footed, workaholic, but I buy top of the line for things that will help my work get better, or things that will relax me. I love helping people. I like teaching because it is a form helping people in that it would improve their lives. I don't know how to handle love and romance and as a result it took me time to have a bf and quite a lot of struggle to marry. I love my freedom. My moon is aquarius.

  • My Ascendant is in Aquarius and my Moon is in Pisces. I fantasize alot about things I want but can't have. I love men but do not want to be bossed around or told what to do like I went through before.

  • How many of you have had to deal with all of the snow we've had in the last few weeks. I know I am tired of it and it's probably b/c of my age. I use to love snow and couldn't wait for it to come but now having to walk through it isn't as much fun as it used to be. Also, off subject: how many of you look at Amazing Race, American Idol and Survivor? Just asking?

  • Moon in Cap here. I think it helps to moderate my somewhat overbearing Sag traits.

    When focusing on a task, I work methodically and can be a bit of a "workaholic". Just

    found out that my moon relates to my past incarnation's relationships. Strange, that

    my last relationship's "other" mirrored my findings almost exactly! Is this my karma

    smacking me in the face? My life number according to numerology is a 2(relationships).

    So as you can imagine, it's been a hard climb up that mountain. I appreciate Capricorn's

    practicality and common sense. I have grown to accept if not love it's effect on my emotions

    and the difficulty in expressing them. I sometimes give the impression that I'm hard and

    unfeeling. Nothing could be further from the truth! I have been accused of not being "romantic" enough, all though my feelings run deep. Any insights, Cappy?

  • There seems to be some confusion about Capricorns, at least in the perspective of external fulfillment, like money, etc. Capricorns are focused on success or succeeding and doing things well, and having higher markers than many others. Note, they are the goat who wants to get to the summit. Others interpret that as being money oriented or competitive as endurance can bring success, but often not in the way others can understand, so they tend to label.

    I always think of the "Tortoise and the Hare" story, and Capricorns are the tortoise. That is confusing to others, how one can latently be honing themselves or their focus, and those who are blind sided and perhaps even a bit ego centered (as the hare represents), interpret the outcome as us being competitive and materialistic.

    Many Capricorns are driven by an internal barometer, similar in perfection to Virgo's. On that same vein, procrastination can come up as the goal is so high or there are so many things to do well, that it becomes a bit daunting. This reminds me of Virgo's perfectionism being so overwhelming, they can only master it in one area and sometimes do nothing, as it can't all be done perfectly.

    They say that Scorpio's are those who can rise to spiritual heights, but some say that really Capricorns are even more so. I think this lies in why Capricorns are misunderstood. A heavy trip is laid on us as being dull, competitive and materialistic as the world views success through external validation. Rather, I think Capricorns are about what really counts, and if their focus on service brings them success through their objectivity and endurance, the judgment of them becomes one of confusion for a Capricorn.

    Just as people can judge or bully others (think of your school years), it is because something within them is threatened by another having something they either don't have, don't understand, or are threatened by. Capricorns are also more sensitive than many realize, typically with the analogy of their cool reserve but with the bedroom door closed, their deep feelings and passion comes out. That sensitivity can be wounded and over compensated for by these perspectives, so one apologizes for their innate nature.

    I see many Capricorns, and here in this forum, expressing come confusion over this same area. Frankly, it isn't about us, it is about them. Many enlightened beings have incarnated as Capricorns. It isn't that anyone is better, but this sign was chosen for you to be incarnated in, and is a great gift, as on some level of your being'ness or expression, the bar was set higher. You came to accomplish a lot in this lifetime, and that is on many levels.

    Just get on with it, whether it is contemplating your navel while sitting on your sofa, or out saving the world. There is an inner passion you have, that others may not get and they don't have to for you to succeed. Success is about intangible things (not material things), and the joy of the journey. You came to make a difference, so just get on with it.


    Susan Reishus

  • I'm a Cap/Scorp/Virgo.

    It's a very frustrating combination when it comes to speaking my mind and letting people know how I feel.

    Because of this, I think I've sabatoged a lot of my relationships. I'm externally very passive. I don't like conflict or confrontation. To avoid it, I go to great lengths: letting people walk all over me, keeping my mouth shut when someone says/does something that offends me, ignoring anything that could possibly turn into a disagreement, or disregarding any trash talk I catch wind of.

    Eventually, I begin to brood. My emotions churn and though my surface is still calm and friendly, below I'm boiling. That's when it happens. I take off running. I cut ties, never explaining what's happened to make me go. I figure, if the "friend" can't see that they've been mistreating me for so long, then they don't deserve to have me around. I'm incredibly loyal and it wounds the worst when I find that someone else hasn't been.

    As a side note, I don't drop friendships over something little. I've found that it's almost always, at the very least, a year of built up aggitation.

    I guess I know the solution to this is to start letting people know when they're beginning to bug me. I've lost almost every friend I have in this way and it's becoming rather ridiculous. On the other hand, with the exception of one being a pisces, every friend this has happened with has been a Taurus. They're great people in the begining, especially for a Capricorn. But after a strong bond develops, I notice that they get comfortable with bullying and manipulating. I just like them SO much.

    Ugh. Frustrating.

  • Have any other caps been going through MAJOR changes this year??? My year has been crazy - I just don't know what to expect next..... Very hard for me being the true cap I am.. I freak out when stuff is out of my control - and I have found myself trying to control even the universe - CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wondering if anyone else was going through the same thing??

  • hi! all you guys..this is srinivasa malecap7 ..iam happy i found this place ..getting a chance to meet up other caps..i hope i shall learn a lot about my sign and find new insights..

    my birth details are ..Jan7 1971.

    have a great time

  • Some really interesting views from my fellow Capricorns. I find my own chart very conflicting I have Moon in Sagittarius and my rising sign is Leo on cusp of Cancer so I have a traditional Capricorns need for security but can be spendthrift (Sagittarius) with a taste for luxury Leo. I have a reserved streak and have crises of conficence - very Capricorn - but I can crave attention (OMG don't let me near a karaoke) like a Leo and am very chatty and outgoing, like a Sag. Careerwise I'm hard-working and up until recently doing a typical 9-5 office job with some degree of achievement (Cap) but I have left to go self-employed (freedom-loving Sagittarius).

    I have serious stop-and-go tendencies where success is concerned and it's frustrating as what I really want to do is write but I'm great at starting things and terrible at finishing them - not very Cap. Intrestingly, I have Jupiter in virgo which is promising for a writer but I don't feel I'm putting the work in.

  • Princess,

    YepYep change has been constant in the past year or so, . Evolving very rapidly spiritually having tempered the mind to allow it. A cosmic cornucopia if you will. Its interesting reading the other caps posts (especially elationrelation). Im a triple/double cap? I just made that sun/moon cap w/ 3 other caps on chart though and rising libra.

  • Loosen your grip and things may smooth out for you. Loss of control can be scary for caps, but confronting that fear will yield a greater control with a different approach...or something like that 😎

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