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  • Capricorn 12/27/51 I love money, I feel secure when I have money. I put four children through college with money, paid the medical bills when my grandchild was born with several birth defects some of which were not covered by insurance. Paid for my daughters divorce from an abusive husband and the security system for her home. With money I have rescued thirteen dogs and twenty-one cats over the years, with money I have helped kids who aren't related to me go to college. This Capricorn worked very hard for her money, I am ambitious, driven, and I like things run my way, no one can do my job better then me. I am highly organized and run a tight ship, on the other hand, Iwas always known as the class clown. I would make up games to play when the kids were little. In their teen years all their friends came to our house, always acted like I didn't over hear "teen talk" even though I did. I don't believe in being flashy with jewelry and dress I do believe in being funky and off beat. I am flexible as far as fitting in with any group, dinner at the White House to a wet t shirt contest at Sr Frogs. Love Skiing, use to ride rodeo and I drive a Hummer on the weekends VW during the week. I too am new to this site, so far it is enjoyable. I do know, only those who are Capricorns, understand what a great sign to be born under it is.

  • My daugher is a Cap, 1/16/85 1:45am in Pennsylvania. While I don't know her rising or moon signs, many things you describe about yourself, even down to the INTP profile, match her. It is wonderful to see how she might be in the future and I have to say I can't wait! She's a gem now!

    BTW I'm Taurus, Gemini rising, Leo moon.

  • Can anyone tell me about someone with Venus in Capricorn?

  • I am new to this site but this is just what I was looking for. I was born 1/16/56 at 8:50 a.m. and have been interested in Astrology since I was 16 yrs old. In fact I did horoscopes for family members, friends, co-workers, etc. for many years. There are many sites where you can find out which signs/planets make up your horoscope that are FREE! The one site I recently used was where I found my signs/planets: Sun-Capricorn; Moon-Pisces; Mercury-Aquarius; Venus-Aquarius/Pisces; Mars-Sagittarius; Jupiter-Virgo; Saturn-Sagittarius; Uranus-Leo; Neptune-Scorpio; Pluto-Leo; Ascendant-Aquarius.

    As far as Capricorn traits, I am a miser and can hold onto a dollar for two weeks but if I see something I want really bad I will get it. My only downfall as far as I can tell is my passiveness which I hate! I wish I were more aggressive when confronted by my peers (this may be because of turmoil in my younger years). I also procrastinate when making major decisions and I daydream (Pisces moon) a lot. My most positive traits I think are that I am hard working and give 110% in all I do. Anyone else with similar traits?

  • yes casper , i too can hold a dollar for ever.. lol...... i am too passive as well but i did have adults yelling at me growing up. if i ever asked for somethingi got yelled at so i wouldnt ask anymore. today even, i wont ask help from anyone. i doi all myself even when i should deligate. i still fear rejection from asking i guess. i give 100% + always until im shot! lol

  • The turmoil I went through were parents fighting and as an only child I was constantly afraid they were going to break up. What I don't get tho, is when I was in elementary school I would fight like the dickens but when I got to middle school I turned into mush! I haven't read anything in my horoscope to explain why that happened. I'm a lot older now and am beginning to take less smack from others but I have not gotten where I want to be.

  • Casper I too am starting to HATE confrontation..... I used to stand up for myself - but these days I am a LOT more passive... I don't say things when i should and i do say them when i shouldn't... If any of you can shed some more light on this i would be eternally grateful 🙂

  • hiprincess , i too have the same problem but i think the parents fighting ect as with i and casper is more of an adreanal/ stress hormone issue more than one of astrology. just a thought.

  • i endured many things during childhood, parents fighting, divorce etc and the list goes on and on........... So I too have those things in my past... And I seriously HATE confrontation... I can barely tell someone when they have really hurt me - i RUN as fast as I can from that person...

    I understand why you have suggested that it might not be all astrology - but I am just wondering....

  • Oh I missed your earlier post EWF - I am the same with the help situation too!!!! I can't ask even if I am really really desperate... I would rather do it all myself....

  • Hello my fellow Capricorns... I am new to this forum.

    I am a 39 year old man who was born on Dec 31st, 1969 .

    (I was born in the sixties by about 4 hours).

    My SUN, VENUS, and MERCURY are all in Capricorn!

    I feel like the capricorn influence is VERY strong in me.

    Here's my two cents:

    I'm VERY practical. Almost to a fault. (Yes, so practical, I become impractical!).

    I love order. I make lists. I like my time to myself.

    My friends always thought I was a 'schemer' and my brother says I live my life like a 'chess game.' I guess that's better than living your life like you're playing 'go fish.'

    I think cappys possess two seemingly opposite characteristics...

    That of being LOYAL and INDEPENDENT.

    I was married to a Libra. She happened to have 4 planets in Libra, so we were a typical Libra / Cap match, which isn't good. She was flakey, frivolous, and shallow. Okay, enough about my ex.

    Some signs (like Libra and other air and fire signs) need to be around people to get 'charged up' and feel like their energy drains when they are alone.

    Me, as with most cappies, it's the opposite. I'm not exactly a shy wallflower, but I can only be around a bunch of people for so long before I feel like my head is going to explode.

    Cappy's don't wear their emotions on their sleeves, so we get a bad rap for being 'cold and unemotional.' NOT TRUE! We aren't CONTROLLED by our emotions, or wear them on our sleeves (what would be the point of that? weakness?) but as they saying goes, still waters run deep.

    I too crave security and stability above all else. Sometimes that comes in the form of material wealth, sometimes not. Mostly it comes from believing in myself.

    Procrastination does get to me. I like to be soooooo organized it's all too easy for me to get stuck in 'preparation' mode. Also, my mars is in pisces, which makes me a little less of a 'go getter' than some caps.

    I don't naturally get along with air or fire signs. I can get along fairly well with water signs, as long as they aren't too controlled by their emotions....

    But, take my advice...

    If you are a TYPICAL capricorn, VIRGO or TAURUS are the signs for you. VIRGO if you want someone as efficient and organized and thorough as you, and TAURUS if you want someone similar but perhaps a little more sensual and into pleasure.

    Capricorns are famous for forgoing pleasure for future pay-off, not so much with Taurus. And yes, I too, feel like I have 'grown backwards,' meaning I was much more serious and mature as a child, and now that I have the resources of a grown man, I really know how to have fun!

    If anyone wants to have their natal chart done, just go to I have nothing to do with that website, other than I use it all the time and it is great.

    Anyone want to talk Astrology.... ?

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  • No , I am definitely not the power hungry status mongering typical idea of capricorn.

    Success and perfection are definitely very important , but not in the status hungry sort of way.

    Loyalty , integrity , truth and hard work are part of my truth , but I am one of those struggling to climb out of the bottom types.

    I am not a conformist though I respect certain tradition as long as it is based in honesty.

    I respect authority if it has something to back it up which is meaningful and has integrity ,which to me encompasses matters of the heart and soul.

    I think certain traditions are to be respected and also broken.

    I hate restrictions of any kind and am only able to apply myself where things are meaningful and if this involves others I am pretty stringent. Then again ,I have a pisces moon and pisces rules my sixth house , so maybe that has a lot to do with it .

    Success is very important to me , but I am not at all corporate.

    In fact I am so bad at making money I give capricorn a bad name.

    I work harder for causes , for truth but most definitely things which involve entertainment , humor and community.

  • Venus in Cap like any other placement has dualities.

    It really depends on how other placements are aspected.

    Mars, moon etc.

    I guess the typical description would be that you are steadfast ,cautious and not prone to taking risks , but I really don't see Cap being this way . As a Cap myself and having several Cap friends none of whom are like this .

    However , Venus/Cap seems to set their sites on their object of love be it friend, potential love interest etc and once this happens nothing can change it. Capricorn is loyal (usually ) when it comes to love and even when it seems impossible , they will not change their feelings until they get what they want or get completely discouraged after pining away for a long time and not getting what they want (after several years ) will finally move on , but often with a heavy heart.

    I think that Venus Cap is much more passionate than modern lore lends to .

    Remember that Capricorn is in mythology related to Pan the God of earthly passion and joy .

    Pan was not at all a conservative figure and if you have been around goats it is obvious that they aren't either . It is a very intense and passionate placement , not always easy , but again it really depends on other aspects.

  • A description of Venus in Capricorn.

    I am a triple Cap in Sun, Mercury and Venus.

    You tend to keep your feelings under control -- emotions are only released in serious or important situations. You are distrustful of others whose behavior could be judged excessive or immoderate. As such, you prefer to relate only to those who are older than you or to those whose position is such that respect and duty are more important for both of you than passion or emotional response. Be careful, however, of relationships that are merely based on practicality or utility or you will ultimately be lonely.

    However I am not power hungry at all! I do desire financial security! I love humor more than anything and feel I am not an extremely serious person per the Astrologers who say that I am.

  • Dear Kittydickins my moon is in Pisces too and what I find myself doing most is daydreaming about having the things I don't have. Do you dream when you sleep and if so are your dreams vivid as if they are really happening? One other thing, have you ever dreamed about someone you have not met in a long time and then a few days later you see that person? Lord knows I have!!

  • Hi, i' m a virgo, and i'm friends with a capricorn. We have been friends for 3 years, and just started to move our friendship to a new level. I really like him, and sometimes i feel that he turns his feelings on and off at times, Which makes me confused on how to take this relationship. Should i give up on it or keep trying, and hopefully he will show his feelings more

  • ok...........I have had it........I am a double capricorn w/Aqaurius moon. I have never been successful or made much money and now I have to find a job.........a good job and I am older now. I am sooo disouraged and disappointed in where my life has brought me. Pluto is killing me and I know I cannot take it for 18 years! What the heck is going on?? I am having real issues in every area of my life.

  • Sandran712>>I think that's where the association starts. I've never met a Cap who is driven and motivated by accumulating dollar bills

    Sandran712>>My mom is the Cappy..And she is money hungry.LOL always wants to make a dollar.Within reason...LOL..I notice a Capricorn does not like to be left alone.My mom will make me drop whatever I am doing and go to the store with her.Demanding and controlls a situation.Uses blackmail to manipulate.Pushy.Is this all a Capricorn men Capricorn portray this scenerio ???

  • oops!!!! Bluewatermama>>>Sandran712>>I think that's where the association starts. I've never met a Cap who is

  • Happy Birthday! I'm the 4th.

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