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  • Your last line moonlight27 is absolutely spot on as I feel for me anyway. I was an old head on young shoulders as a child, and once I got to middle age, started reverting the other way, most of my friends are 15 to 20 years youngers, because I dont feel or look my age (so Im told) and so connect quite easily. So the standard suggestion that we revert to our youth when we are older is so true in my case and how wonderful is that.

  • Archersbow, to a degree I can relate to what you are saying, I know I feel deeply, but am not what I call 'sloppy' romantic like my cancer sister, who oozes all over her men. I guess the way i show my love is by nurturing my past partners by generally looking after them I suppose to some degree 'motherly' (not good lol as my ex husband actually called me by his mothers name on one occasion - some faux pas) but the passion bit for me needs to be brought out by the male and then I can be coo, cooey , and of course most males prefer you to bring the passion out of them, so it would appear that I produce a passionless front. Maybe I need to take a leaf out of Taurus' book, they are naturally sensual I believe.

  • brownsugar you will find your rising sign, which the planet that was situated on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Just time in on the net, rising suns 'or ephemeris. You will need to know the time of your birth and location. Whatever 'sign' was there at the time, is generally considered how we portray ourselves to other people, ie., Im a capricorn, my rising sun is 'virgo', I tend to have the physical appearance of a virgo and present myself as it appears in a virgoan fashion.

    Also if you look where your moon is situated in the same way as your rising sign, this will determine how you react emotionally, ie., my moon is in leo, (yes dramatic) and my pride is easily hurt.

    The net will have tons of sites that will give you full explanations to what determines for rising sign and moon. And of course your actual sun sign is the the date of your birthday and what sign that falls in.

  • Hey, these sites are actually interesting..ha. Well first of all I'm a girl, am a Capricorn, moon is in Cancer, ascendant in Leo (strangely), and descendant in Aquarius. Idk I can be a perfectionist, but some things I don't even care about.,. Like things I think are insignificant, dumb or unnecessary. I do and obtain only what I need but I'm not selfish. I really do understand you and know who really does deserve respect. Lol I'm sounding like an old lady now noooo. Anyway, I'm 16 but on a maturity level compared to kids my age I can seem 30. Well they talk about the dumbest things ever! They don't know/care about the meaning of life. They are far too cheap and have yet to grow up. I'm not saying I'm perfect either. Idk if it's a particularly Capricorn trait, but I like to be fair and see from other people's point of view. I feel sorry for people instead of hating them and being mad..I love all animals. I hate this cruel world though. I hate how people have to be so negative all the time. And I hate sounding conceited without meaning to. I don't like idiocy (no one likes it), excessive arrogance, druggies or drugs, drinking, alcohol, early or premarital sex, abortions and animal abuse. Ok maybe those were purely my opinions but yes I love to be fair and probably will be a judge one day. 🙂 I may sound or seem proud or overly courageous maybe just cause of the rising Leo but really I don't like that trait. I hate it when people whine, but I respect them if they are quiet in their grief and cry alone so they don't make the world any sadder with their negativity. That makes me want to truly comfort them. I hate materialism and am not materialistic because there are things that are of much greater value than dumb material things. I'm an overall optimistic person no matter how much people say the Capricorn is pessimistic.. I have endless hope, I can find something happy or at least mind-occupying in just about everything, I'm really really patient, and know how to be considerate. Most of all I know my values and I know what I want out of life. I may not have a great life now, but my optimism helps me look forward to the future. As for astrology I don't believe in all of it. I believe that the moon, sun, planets, etc do affect a person in some way but I don't fully rely on it because well, anything can happen, and you never know what sorts of crazy things are headed your way in life. Ok I'm done, habe einen guten Tag! 🙂

  • oh and yes I have to pretend to be interested in the dumb things my friends talk about... 😕

  • A double Capricorn is the sun is either in the 1st or 12th house and the ascending is a capricorn cusp. It then said you are a double whatever sign it may be in. It can happen to all signs. The first house tends to color our personality for the world to see. The sun is the ego and the moonis the emotional aspects of you. If you for instance have a Gemini rising you would be very talkative , use your hands alot , and find so much of personality would be shown to the world through your Gemini ascending but your true core would make you more cautious like a typical Cap and would not be a flirty as a true Gemini. You however would be much more palyful then a true Cap who if on both ascending and the sun who if not careful can be actually depressed personality. Sun sign Cap tend to be older than their yesars and tend to be younger in their view when they are older, Ladusa show how being a Leo colors her personality she speaks with the confidence of the Leo who is the king. Put has a very emotional moon who rules cancer and would give her a deeper emotional ned to be understood and even possibility of being a mother to everyone not just her own children someday. Pluto now has entered Capricorn so no matter who we are today we will be having major transformations going on in our lives wanting it or not . If we know how to use the changes and work to it then try to advoid it we will be so much happier then we have keeping the status / Look to your house find the Capricorn and what it rules because this is where the most transformation will occur. (Judi)

  • I agree with everything except that as a Cap/Aquarius, I am very much self motivated, so I guess that's a plus for me

  • It's really strange how I am a capricorn and it doesn't effect me as much as my chinese sign (the goat) but l do see the climbing part in me definatly. I always find myself just aiming for the postion right above me. I don't care about making money as much as I care about living in a nice place. I usually get told i'm stubborn everyday. If someone wanted to get with a capricorn, I suggest being tender and seeming like someone who could commit. I believe my rising sign is cancer, but i am not sure. Strangely, I have always been drawn to aqaurius's wether friendwise or other and they seem to be good at getting me to like them.

  • For me personally, I have learned through my experience not to trust a cancer, they have backstabbed me so many times! My ex-best friend is a cancer and after 25 yrs of being best friends she married my ex-hubby(taurus) and I had a brief fling with a married cancer man, Uly 8th. I was sick and on lots of medications when this happened and my ex-best friend told my hubby.........long story. We all have to learn our own lessons in life.........cancers are just not a lucky sign for me.

  • If I was born at 11:28am what is my rising and sun sign?

  • I'm a Capricorn woman...born 01-06-1949-time of birth is 3:11PM Eastern time..To let you know I'm a sure footed women and I'm a leader in all things I do in my life.. I had to grow up at a early age and took care of other and self as a child.. This Capricorn lady raised 3 daughters of my own blood and 3 other needy kids all by myself..By the way I came from a family of 14 and hel raised them to.. I am a Mother at heart.. This Capicorn lady do not live in the neglective.. I will NOT acceot the neglective for it is from the darkness.. Most Capricorn has to learn not be drawn into the dark of bad thoughs..I put my mind on good mermories or fantasies you like to come true.. I do this and and over come all things.. I'm a leader, a good listentor and helped all.. I have to have respect and have to have it back.. I will not talk bad to anyone.. I hold my tongue..For what you send out is what you get back.. So all you Capricorns stay proud and be the true apicorn you mean to be.. I neer had a lot of money but have faith and a good heart...I'm 60 years old and single more than 25 years... for I have stand to be the true Capicorn I am and hold my head high and I'm happy and still climbing my mountain and never will quit..For I will climb and climb to be the best.. We are the leaders.. Go get moving Capicorns you journey is neer over..We are old souls and here to lead other to show how to be good people and loving humans.. I'm a Psychic,Hypntherpist and a Astrologer.. I learn we are strong.. Money will not make you happy.. for I'm not bless with lots of money but a happy camper and give my knowlege to whom comes across my path.. Thi is my gift from god... You are don't sy you not not.. for god love you All.. We are his family.. We are mean to lead so get moveing and quit feeling sorry for yourself.. you hav a gift to giv to the world.. Stand up Capicorn you are leaders ..BE ONE--your purpose in life ...Brenda from Florida--

  • This is the Capicorn lady from Florida.. A proud Capicorn lady.. Strong minded, sure footed and a strong hear for all living things I help all in any way I can''' I'm 60 years old ..Grown up at a early age.. I don't accept the neglective and I just forgot to out my pic. on my last comment for us Capricorns so you know who saying this.. I'm a leader in this lead.. don't need money to be happy... By the way I never had anything giving to me... I'm just a good person with a open mind and heart.. Brenda from Florida---born 01-06-1949...birth time is 3:11PM..Capricorn Sun and Aries moon...I love life and you should to...

  • I am a cappie with a rising sign in Libra, moon in cancer. I have been very optimistic except for a brief period of my life. Mom said I was born with an "old soul". I seem to "know" things without being told, which can be a great responsibility at times.The older I get the more relaxed I am, learning to laugh at life. I was born 01/12/1949 at 12:24 AM in Oregon. I can make a chart but not interpret it.

    blessed be

  • Capricorns are just good at attracting and earning money (because they usually have common sense), I think that's where the association starts. I've never met a Cap who is driven and motivated by accumulating dollar bills...they are too practical for all that. I am a Cap with a Gemini moon and Scorp ascendant. I have been studying the different signs since I was 16 (I'm now 38). When a Cap says "I'll be there" they will be there. If they've decided to focus on getting something done, they will, even if they have to drag 10 dead bodies through quicksand, in the rain, in the dark. They will get it done. Focus, determination and sheer gut busting effort are what sets Caps aside from the rest.

  • I'm a capricorn with a gemini moon and aires ascendent-- I'm quite successful in my field (though it took me a while to get there), TERRIBLE with money & very creative. People say I'm a free spirit. How does any of this gibe with capricorn????

  • well i'm a capricorn with an aquarius moon sign so i'm quite what do you call umm well i'm wayy more relaxed and laid back but also hard working hahahahaa i guess i take life seriously but i like to joke around a lot too =3

  • I agree with bluwatermumma, as a Cap women I am driven, focussed and enjoy creating my own security. I value education and tradition, enjoying evolving and being the best me I can be, money is a by-product of this type of behavior because I will get it done and dusted no matter what; and enjoy the satisfaction of doing so (the journey just results in money, it is not my driver, security is).

    I was a lot more serious when I was younger and now am enjoying the fun parts of letting go of my control (37), I did not even drink alcohol until I was 30. I am well above average in all areas; and I work hard to make sure that is the case. A very A type personality and in mannerisms, I am the rock of my family; give unyielding love and support to friends (in very practical ways).

    I am not the women you come to for a hug and three days of comfort eating, I am the women who will hug you, calm you and take your hand to walk on the beach, and start making a plan with you to action as soon as your tears are dry.

    That is how I demonstrate love and affection, my friends call me the dream maker, because I inspire them to aim high, and work diligently to meet their goals. I consider this good love, as their success is my success, and remind them of their inner desires/dreams and the ability to have the life you want.

    I adore my family and am rooted to their needs, and am fiercely loyal both in love and life. I am competitive with myself, and am now realizing that I can draw happiness and love from other sources, not just my lover, understanding that loving myself can also fill my quite lonely feeling. I enjoy being alone, and I am also a social connector, strategic, and practical. I find the best part of being a Cap is that we become more well rounded as we age.

    I live well; have a penchant for quality, antiques, art and travel, I am extremely fit, healthy and work like a demon and enjoy being social just as much. I don't know the difference between my work and my happiness which tells me I am doing something right. I laugh a lot and have fun all the time, boundless energy and I believe we come into our most physically beautiful phase where is all comes together after age 30, (although I modeled, I was suspicious of men who thought of me as beautiful). We need to be admired for our minds, and character as well as our elegant beauty.

    The best partner by far for me are Scorpio men (dated Virgo,and Aquarius all long term r/ships, which is our nature). Scorpio's are equally as driven and respond to my best qualities of loyalty and honestly. We get each other, see eachother, admire and respect eachother, and understand that creating our own dynasties individually and coming together is a powerful aphrodisiac.

    The sex is incredible with Scorpio, understanding my conservative proper exterior and nature, and allowing me to flourish privately, he speaks to my inner desires perfectly (Caps have a very private side sexually).

    The words I would use to describe me are: mentally tough, driven, intelligent, capable, joyful, confident, loyal, resilient and optimistic

    The negative traits I need to remain conscious of and minimize in order to be a happier person are: I am sometimes judgmental, lack emotional reactions ( I feel it, I just control it), self reliant (to the point of making folks feel excluded), intimidating, aloof, intolerant to mistakes.

    But Caps love to evolve and get better, so we will listen, make changes, observe and keep aiming to be perfect, which to us is 'perpetual evolving'.

  • who am i? im my own boss,quite self suffient & like doing my own stuff,dont require anybodys help but always ready to help my friends,i dont take people at face value,which is my major strength as far as im concerned but maybe i get a bit too bias in making quick judegments which might be rash but im right in 99.9 % of the cases ;),fake,materialistic people are a total turn off for me,i like classy people but being classy means decent,not materialistic,and pretty much modest in every way,although everyone has flaws but i greatly despise and disrespect those people who are much too full of themselves and who' ll go to any limits to prove that they're the know it alls when in reality they're empty and shallow people... there you go im a capricornian!

  • I'm a Capricorn, with a Scorpio rising and Gemini Moon. Female, in 50's. I was not as ambitious in the first half of life as I was in the last half. Basically, content to be a stay at home single mom, until I needed to earn a living. I chose things based on a combination of synchronicity, and practicality. The career I ended up with is Accountant. I have degree in Business Admin/Acctg because it is stable, and clean desk work. I'm detail oriented and patient, and steadfast. I prefer to work with 'data' more than with 'people'. I am an INTP - Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving type, only 2% of population are INTP. I really don't fit in well but I'm very resilient, not very emotional. I am pretty successful due to the hard work I put in earning a degree and working full time, but wasn't always. My Gemini moon makes me interested in everything, I honestly like to learn about nearly any topic. I love my options to stay open, and don't close my mind to learning. I have learned about multiple world religions, just because I want to know about it all, I enjoy topics like economics, finance, philosophy, astrology, tibetan sound healing, massage, reiki, lucid dreaming, traeger, plus all the usual academic and artistic studies. So in learning, I'm very ambitious. In material goods, I was ambitious only to the extent that it allows me to survive and be humbly comfortable. I give away a lot too. I am not a miser. Lacking perhaps in the social area, because I have never been much of a people person, very introverted and while I like humanity, people drive me crazy. I walk with one foot in the spirit world, the other in this dimension, and try to round out to adapt to everything, I'm a nature lover, like woodworking, and practical skills, and raising my kids, and earning and spending money.

  • im a gemini with a cap moon and leo rising... i have been with the same girl since i was 17 (30yrs). i have had to work for anything i have even as a kid. my first full time job was at age 11. i fell into a trade that seemed to have promise at age 22. i went thru an apprentace not knowing anything abouth the business and 10yrs later i was the general manager . 16yrs total before leaving to start my own business. i think that both a long relationship and the ambition to be something and hang in the job so long has to do with the cap moon. otherwise i do have leadership qualities but do not like being the bad guy when employees try me. i hate confrntations but i did what i had to when it was an issue. on the gemini side, i am a musician and i am very creative at times. sometimes very shy and others not ,sometimes i am the center of the party and other times i hide in the corner and cant find the words. i start more than i finish time after time. i luv the outdoors and animals . i have one child . i seem to be a little sensative to others feelings and pick them up as well which stresses me out over time. i always put everyone else first.

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