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  • Hi Lunacbelle,

    I'm from Melbourne Australia, just looking in my ephemeris this morning, yeah its Tuesday already here, and you have a Scorpio moon and Saturn was in Scorpio also when you were born. My seventeen year old daughter is a cap and status means a lot to her. She can get embarrassed of our humble home and needs to look good most of the time.She rips through the money like nobody's, mind you she doesn't earn it yet. She has six planets in cap, so I'm not to worried about her earning capacity, I think she will work very hard. I worry more about the fact that she pretends to be tougher than what she is, underneath she is very sensitive.

  • I am a True capricorn I am born on a cusp of Sag/Cap and am 0 every one else deg however my mercury and moon are both in capricorn; however you would think thist i would be a person who would be very status hunting. I was the oppossite I didn't care what anyone though of me and was grew up getting dirty and muddy wuith thI actually had a sole where marched to my own think and i bekieve th e had to be my gemini rising and uranus in leo i had a edge to me that basically had me marching to my own beat ?I also had a soul to insisit my brothrer jump in KillVan Koll to say ve kittens. The true capricorns i think issuse more on the cuspof first house you see the personalitytand out. .

  • im a taurus and i love capricorns

    they keep me in line when i am lazy, and they are very awesome loyal friends. they also know how to handle money, which i love.

    we tend to have the same sense of humor also.

    we both love nature and gettin dirty!

    i ❤ capricorns

  • Hi Moondreams, Im dovescry, Im a scorpian, do you mean that they are wishy washy, Im living with a cancer, and I think the relationship is in trouble, Pray tell what you mean not to trust a cancer. dovescry

  • I just read your post Captwice. I could not have described myself any better. I've learned thru time that my ability to overcome adversity is my greatest strength as well (though not one that I look forward to employing). I too have been puzzled by the "common" traits listed for Capricorns. Fortune is not my quest in life. I live modestly, by other peoples standards, but surrounded by those things which are precious to me. I'd be happier in a small cottage decorated my few nice personal items than a mini-mansion outfitted by a designer.

  • Hi everyone ,I'm new to this site,I just read your posts and would like to add I too am not into money just enough to pay my bills and have a bit left over for something special is good enough for me.I'm however into learning and wisdom my motto has always been to be a very wise woman when I get old.What people think of me has never been a big concern of mine however mutual respect is a biggie.Like Pamela P I live in a small cottage with all the things I love such as books ,my dog and cat and plants etc,I'm retired now and absolutely love my life.

    It seems to me that according to everything I have read about Capricorn women we get a pretty bad rep.I think we are wonderful,caring ,dependable,hard working and very loyal and loving to the ones we love.My date of birth is 1/3/'38,getting up there but still going strong.

  • Hi...very late response, but you sound like me.....though not sure what a double cap is. My rising is gemini and moon is sag. However, mercury is in cap...but, yes phoenix like, emerging from many very challenging times, not so interested in money as much as satisfaction from what I do...also have spiritual path that is important to me....I don't feel much like the cap description with regard to ambition and organization and ceo stuff...but I am both idealistic and pragmatic which can create some tension. Take good care, cap....

  • Hi,

    I have been a friend to a cap mfor thirty years. He has always made me laugh. I have always enjoyed his intelect. But when we tried to take the relationship to another level since we both found ourselves divorced at the same time, it didn't turn out very well. I saw another side to him. He is very judgemental and quick to anger. I guess caps are better friends than lovers.

  • I think Capricorns we do get better like good wine and cheese as we age. I am a capricorn born on 12/22 and have 0 degree sun, 8 degree mercury and moon in the 8th house I tend to be attracted to Virgos in my friendship. Just like all Capricorn we love security ; and are very comfortable in our own enviroments be it a cottage or an castle. We don't have the drive to buy things just to own them , they must have a practicle purpose. I love Taurus because they love beautiful things and do understand money (they rule the 2nd house) However the Gemini rising gives me a drive to have a good time and uranus in leo to be different and I think the rising sign gives us the personality we show the world; but the sun is who we really are. Capricorns are when young the serious one;it only after we live and usually to very ripe old age appreciate the things we consider important, my is family and keeping the old not to be forgotton.

  • I am a 27th december capricorn with Libra rising and Aries moon. I have done charts since the 60s and find so much that has gone on in my nearly 60 years that I understood so much better and was able to cope with and guide myself through and to a destination I am quite pleased with. Other than the typical health problems some caps encounter (bone and joint problems) I carry on. still refusing to grow old, but growing up quite well!

    I was married to a Gemini for a while, but we grew apart.

    I love my solitude and animals and though I no longer wrok I make do and it is fine.

    Money is security, it comes when you require it.

    I have climbed to my summit as the mountain goat and keep all the rocks and hand-holds around me still that enabled me to reach the peak.

    Being a Cap has pleased me!

  • Hey take it easy! Astrology is for enterainment purpose Don't take so hard, you can take up

    golf or poker and say Im a Human or say Im a Sorcpio with no moon, Nobody will be insulted by your lecture unless it runs more than 30 seconds or makes sense. Lighten up and go to a site that's ment to be! Aloof goof!! You need not give that much energy about what society follows, because they dont follow, and are 'not addicted' if so, there's help for this too!It s Ok

    to have fun now and then.. so go ahead and Twitter or go to comedy central, it may do you some good and without the risk of being metaphyiscal or something we can brainwash the world with.... have a chocolate cookie and a lemon drop with Skyy .its fine it may take you to another demension! Money is the root of all evil and guess what? It pays the bills! Seagoats R Us!


  • I am the same way!...I have to WANT it or else my drive is low!.....However, since my moon is in Pisces, I never really feel complete unless I have a partner. You sure can't hug your money at night even if it gives you material comfort!

  • I too am a Cap.. I do like the security of money but not the head ache of it all... I like to live in a nice house and I am a bit status driven... I like the nice car, house, clothes etc... And I do give up stuff to get it...

    I can find myself controlling or as someone put it "the general" - which I think is a great way to describe myself... If things aren't going my way I try to make them go that way - which is not always possible but then stubbornness prevails and I keep butting my horns!!!

    I have a lot of different signs in my life BF Cancer, brother scorp, mother virgo, father taurus and two gemini sisters!!! So I have a range of signs I deal with on a daily basis - I find all of them difficult to deal with... And no I can never discipline my brother - I can only outsmart him - which has taken me years to figure out...

    I also find it difficult to let go of stuff and have a picture/word perfect memory - or so I like to think...

    My bday is 13/01/77 - so maybe a few more years of learning will straighten me out...

  • I'm a capricorn with aquarius rising and taurus moon, my bday is 29/12/87

    I'm pretty driven very serious and very aloof when it comes to the opposite sex ... in every aspect of my life I do very very well but my love life is a mess I haven't matured emotionally obviously being the cautious cappy I'm very mistrustful and don't wear my heart on my sleeve, so people find it hard to get emotionally involved with me without a hard time I've been told that I'm very demanding cold-hearted and intimadating ( the way i sit silently and just look at people especially the guys (I quite like that I have that effect) sometimes I feel like guys are challenging me on certain things and I definetly like a challenge I will actually go out of my way to prove to them there wrong and I am right.

    the one thing that pisses me off about being a cappy is you want to be with someone but your to cautious to let even the one you really want in I'm working on it though its hard to shake lol

    I very much like the security of money I don't like asking or relying on anyone for anything but enjoy being everybodies rock, I am very family orientated and get along great with all of my siblings I tend to be the peace maker and have been named in the past the mature one (which at first I wasn't to pleased about because I am not the eldest but have learnt to deal with it & be satisfied with being mature).

    my mother is a cappy & my dad is a cancer I get along great with my mother and have the complete opposite relationship with my dad and every other cancer male that I've been with has ended very badly but still with alot of love still there funnily... other than that I have a great sense of humour I get along great with everyone I do have my silent moments were I don't force myself to talk if I don't want to I don't think I've ever met anyone who hasn't liked me I'm a pretty sociable person when I'm ready.

  • I am a cappy, rising sign virgo, moon in leo. For me, I would say that I have had to work hard for everything I have acquired or achieved. Nothing has been put on a plate. Nevertheless I feel that whatever has put me down, an inner resource has allowed me to drive through not without pain or upset but I get there. On the positive front I would say that my conscientousness, loyalty in the workplace has given me job satisfaction even though the bucks or not big. Money seems to evade me, but I am sufficient in the comfort of my home. The negative traits for me seem to be that I find it difficult to accept others help, I'd rather give and of course not accepting help sometimes has made things more difficult than they could have been. I do need to be motivated quite often, but am easily motivated by someone else pushing me. In relationships, I seem to have attracted what I call 'players', I dont know why? Nevertheless I find that overall Ive had the get up and go to travel extensively when I was younger which has been very beneficial. Therefore there is an independent streak there too. Obviously the moon and rising sign to a certain degree alters one cappy from another, but I feel the root product is there. My mother, grandmother, daughter, two best friends are all cappies. What a boring lot one must think!!!! lol but at least we have good discussions.

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  • Cap Moon. My feelings run very deep but apparently they don't show, leading some to

    deem me "unromantic". When I first was told this, I was in shock. When in love, I see myself

    as very romantic. Maybe I need to stock up on valentines. Any advice?

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  • Hi - alsoa double cap with moon in scorpio -- ouch! but even though 'heavy' - my jupiter is in sag and saturn ruler of cap also in cap ! Both my parents have cappy rising - my dad a cancer sun and my mom an aquarian sun ! The father of my x3 kids also has cap rising -- ? and results in my middle child a cap sun sign with 7 planets in cap! amazing ! so we know what its like to be cap - and the motto - keep on keeping on ? accept delays - and the unfairness that many others have it a lot easier ! FOr me and my family movitivation is security and mastery in an area - both material and with authority -- melancholia and depression is common too - but gratitude a brilliant antidote! SO Capricorn -- keep your focus, be determined, do what you can, grace and acceptance is good - but so is making the most of opportunities. Best of all is that you can feel younger as you get older -- despite the creaky knees! ha ha!

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