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  • Are you an ambitious Capricorn? Then this is the place to let us know what you've accomplished, what drives you, and what challenges you. Are you a status-seeker or a quiet success story? Is practicality key in your life, or do you dream of impractical heights ... and sometimes achieve them?

    If Capricorn is your Rising or Moon sign, we want to hear about that, too! How does that powerful sign show up in your outer or inner life?

    And of course, we're all attracted to a few Capricorns in our lives. If you're not a Capricorn, feel free to talk about what heights you've seen a Capricorn climb, and maybe get tips on how to climb up there and enjoy the view with them.

  • I am a Cap.

    Let's see.. what drives me? Myself.

    I truly believe one should decide for themselves what to do, how to think, how to be and so on.

    Never let the herd influence your actions. I'm not one for trends. Just because something is deemed cool does not mean it has to be mine.

    What challenges me? Motivation and procrastination.

    Despite everything you've read about the Capricorn, lack of motivation is my biggest pitfall. Its really the GETTING motivated that is the issue because once I've decided I want or need to do something I'm a force to be reckoned with.

  • I was born on the cusp of Sag & Cap!! Whew, I already do know........ I feel somewhat torn or divide alot of the time in decision making, i am very competeitive when it comes to work, i am very outspoken and upfront regarding love and my feelings, i am not usually shy around any type of personalities, but i do tend to be somewhat secretive about my own personal intentions as far as love or my feelings and this action does tend to create alot of unneccesary drama and or events that i would rather not have present. I am very social, and have high expectations of my friend, family, and all loved ones, but sometimes i feel that my expectations may be either out of line or even unacheiveable to some. I currently am in a monogomus (well at least i thought so) relationship, But lately i've been feeling unapreciated, and let down in this area of my life. So let me know of any important advice that you may have as to the reasoning, or choices that may help me to overcome this recent slump that i am in??? Here is my astro-Info.......

    D.O.B. = 12/22/1981

    Birthplace= Cleveland, Ohio

    Birthtime= 5:18am

    **** I come from a generation of Pagan and/or Wiccan ancestors so i obviously already know my Birth Chart, and about how the stars and alignments and elements all contribute to my emotions, and personality, But i guess i'm just digging for some deeper insight right now!!!


  • Hi!

    As my name indicates,I'm a double Cap.

    Through the years,whenever I've read anything describing Cap traits,I could barely see myself.

    Non-materialistic and certainly not a power-monger, I was puzzled. However,many moons ago,an astrologer told me I was hungry for "personal power". This I absolutely agree with. I have always believed that wisdom is power and knowing myself in order to understand others was crucial to me even as a child.

    Perhaps a brief synopsis of what I perceive my path to be would help. I oftentimes feel like the Phoenix,rising from the ashes(doesn't matter that I usually cause the inferno). But over and again, I have been blessed with the ability to get through adverse circumstances,usually in a better place spiritually and mentally, if not financially.

    My biggest non-Caplike trait is my lack of interest in money. I can be happy with it or without.

    Some would call me strange.

    Thanks for reading.....

  • I am Capricorn I dont have a hunger for money or power the people who have done readings for me insist on this saying I do but I dont. I have a hunger for change and a need for some positive progress.We dont get to pick and choose where we land in life what we land with or or without.Or what where overwhelmed by and what where consumed by when it comes to are surrounds whos setting the poors of examples for the most vulnerable the simple.We where all once the infant,innocent,ignorant the nieve and at many times the neglected following the the lead of the examples of the irresponsible selfserver not have as many boundiers as we could have or as we should have.Conforming to arrogants the elite men and women or thoose who have no boundiers conforming to and old idea of what is a fufilling life.A glamorization of an image that gets humanity on board with its own demise serving up the greats betrayals to their follow brothers and sisters. Listen to that relentless drum that overwhelms you at birth when you dont have responsible and selfless surrounding you.Lucifer the kingpin the orchestrater ,legion the pusher the peddler the muscle and arrogants the layer and politician that has no standards or integerity and builds societies that have no boundiers.Weaking the hand of the furture always past and persent throughout history putting the needs of self first and most vulnerable last.Getting lost in the devils display table the mirage all the differant varieties of activaties all the differant sensations that are out there to be had.All the forms of escaping the reality that surrounds us and getting lost in our addictions.The future always easer to puck collect bag and feed to the root of all evil.Giving it its strengen its staying power and its ability to flurish.To grow branching out grabing the next generation those that where once food for the root eventually take their part in the branches guiding the next generation of food to the root.Not making sure the future is always more well informed than past and persent ever were.But when we get lost in the meanless instead of the things that matter most and being consumed by what matters least most. People serving up the greats betrayals to one another at the earliest of ages creating synics that have lost faith in everthing and everone in every facet of how a society functions contributing to its emplosion in stead of its success.These are some of the reasons of why we are where we are and who put us here we did.God gave us free will the will not to learn from historys lessons. Listening to those that told us what we want to hear instead of what we needed to know.Listening to the people we believed where more successful than we were or more intelligent then we were in elite man,womans idea of what successful and intelligent is those who have no integrity we empower them. Our poor choices empower enslavers of humanity and following the worlds lead following its bad examples insteading of learn from today but throughout are history.Knowing if we where the future we wouldnt want to be lead into the fire knowing from are experiencesand the pain that comes with that.Knowing if it was us or the one you loved most you wouldnt want some misleading them.

  • I am a double cap with the moon in Aqaurius. I have learned that people like money for different reasons, My son(Leo) likes it to say, look at me and what I have. My ex likes it for freedom and power (Taurus with Sag rising) I like it for security. I also like to feel accomplishment! Most of a persons power comes from education and not money. I would just like to make a living. BTW, I have learned NEVER too trust a cancer.

  • I am a capricorn with cancer rising and moon in leo. Talk about an internal power struggle!

    I do like money, more for security than anything else.However the leo in me causes me to take

    risks that capricorn and cancer are not comfortable with.Though I do always land on my feet.

    I rely on that cancer part of me to soften what could be a stern nature.It is only when people really get to know me that they realize as strong as I may appear, Im more sensitive than I appear.

  • I'm a capricorn but I'm not any of those things they say a cap is. I'm not power driving, controling or wants to be in control. I do like things in order and when things are not, I can't think, I get upset and mad. I kind of wish I was a typical cap. If I were, I think I would be successful and rich. I'm neither.

  • what are rising signs and sun signs? How do I find out what mines is?

  • I am a Cap with Gemini rising. Don't know the moon but I am not successful either. I am just happy to be working right now!! I am thankful for the things I do have but I just like to be organized and when I am not it irritates me. I like a clean house, grocery shopping done and want to be able to find things when I go look for them. I feel like nothing is right right now. Everything is in a jumbled mess. Yea the horriscopes always say we are ambitious and like money. Now that can happen but it takes some motivation to get there. I have a three day weekend and plan on getting some things in order. Once that is done, I will feel better. Don't know why that is, but it is. I can be controlling but have learned it gets you no where. I just want to be happy and live a happy life and that seems to be something I can't get and it makes me upset. It seems like everything around me is miserable so I am miserable. I will snap out of it eventually like I always do and think of the positive things in my life that I do have, but for now I am not. Seems weird I know. I know us Caps (or at least me) need time to ourselves and lots of rest. On the other side we can be lots of fun. Love to joke around and be silly and have tons of fun. People like us when we are like that and we like to be like that.


    I think you can go on here somewhere and it tells you what your rising sign is. I know there are other people as well on here that know or can help you out by looking up your birthday and your hour of birth. I think that's how they can tell.

  • I was looking for something like that here but I have not came across it yet. DOB is 1/13/1962. Don't know the time I was born but I do know that was between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon. I wish someone on here would give me a reading.

  • I am 1/17/70 we are pretty close in birthdays!! Every time I put something on here it never gets answered. I have tried but nobody replies to my stuff. I am sure someone will give you a reading though. Try going on the JUST CHAT one. You might find something out that way. I wouldn't mind getting a reading myself. I was born on a Saturday afternoon at 1:16 p.m.

  • I have gone on just chat but have not gotten a response.

  • Sometimes they take a little while. Just keep checking. You never know.

  • Brownsugar, I believe you'll need to know the following:

    Date of Birth,

    City of Birth

    State of Birth

    Time of Birth.

    I paid to have my chart created, but I'm not sure if you can get any info. from this site:

    I hope this will help you.

  • I love fish,

    when you had your chart created were you satisfied with the results? I have had numerous reading but I always left feeling like that didn't tell me anything.

  • You have to be careful about who you choose to do your reading. Alot of people are just in it for the money. I have had my chart done and its not quite what I expected. I had my chart done last year and none of the things she said happened. I have already lost faith in God and now I am wondering about astology and numerology. Rising sign has to do with the time of birth and moon sign with the day. I know that I am lost.

  • Moondreams I know just how you feel. I wish I could get an honest reading.

  • Hello, I am new to this forum and I am here with the Capricorns because my birthday is January 16th - too many years ago - 1955. I often felt saddened to read that we Caps like money so much, because I don't love money and the current fad. I usually go the oppossite way. I do want security and fulfillment. I do love education and wisdom. I am a very hard worker, but I am tired now.... I have four children, three of them are Scorpios just like my husband. The other sign in my family of four children is a Taurus. I used to think that being a Capricorn was not so good when I knew that the former President Nixon was a Capricorn. But I guess I just spent too much time not loving myself enough in general.

    So I am here to find out more about myself. I need to know what is up with so many Scorpios in my life and how to deal with them. A long time ago I was involved with two different Gemini men; I recently started talking to one of them again. It brought back great memories of my youth and it helped me to start to love the authentic me again. Sure I started to wonder about what if.... but many other blessings in my life show that being with my Scorpio is right for me. I have different relationships with my kids. I am supposed to get along well with Taurus and Scorpio, but we often clash. Who out there can explain this? In the past, like I wrote, I thought that I was the one element that was less than wonderful - I was the more difficult element to deal with. But now, I feel like I certainly have my hands full living with four scorios - three daughters and one son. My son and husband are born on the same exact day: Nov. 11!!! After having three girls, if I would have planned to have a fourth, it would have been another girl, and cetainly I could never have planned on a birth on my husband's birthday. instead we were blessed with a son. I've been accused of being a "general." So, what else should I do? I don't want to be the general, but If I don't do it or try to organize things NOBODY ELSE WILL!!!

    So who has advice for me?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hello lunacbelle,

    With so many Scorpios in your emotional surroundings,maybe you've just been given a karma-lesson!

    Like : one should never ever try to discipline a Scorpio!!!! It simply doesn't has to outsmart them or end up being a "general",deprived (almost all of the time) of relaxed state of being...:))) Is it worthed?

    What if you let go of control for a while?What would happen to you?

    I,myself have a similar situation but with - Virgos!!

    My father was a Virgo(ouch...) my older daughter,too...and my younger daughter and son are -Virgo rising!!!So,I asked myself - what is my karmic Virgo-lesson?!? It seems to me,with all those experiences,that it's - Egoless state!:)))...still trying...;)))

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