An Annoying Coworker will she leave me be?

  • An Annoying Coworker will she leave me be? I work in a Hospital and there is a very Annoying Coworker that is named Laura. I know that she is a Cancer born in late June or early July?

    I not playing Games of Popularity with her at the Hospital. I think she is perhaps jealous of me over this. Also I am trying to avoid her at all costs what did I do to offend her?

    Will Laura leave me alone?

  • Alex999

    No, she will not until you set down with her and have a talk. You have to sometimes face co-workers that are jealous of you and get to the meat of the issue so to speak.

    After you talk to her , not with anger , but with gentalness because believe it or not that is what she needs, get to know her as she may have a wrong impression of you.


  • Sometimes, women act like real jerks at work.

    She may just have a crush on you or heard some gossip and that's the reason behind the odd behavior. Settle it before it goes any further.

    You may not be interested in her but that does not mean anything to women. We like people and want people to like us. Just get it out in the open and find out.

  • Thanks Shuabby and Firefly01. Laura is Married and I have no Interest in her whatsoever.

    Since I entered the Workforce I never encountered someone so annoying. Then I met Laura there is so much about her I will not write about it on this forum. I will say this about Laura besides being Annoying. Laura is a Brown noser and sticks her Nose in other people's affairs.

    1. I will have a conversation with her soon will it turn out okay for myself. Will I have Peace of Mind after this?

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