Always Attract Women with from Watersigns?

  • My Date of Birth: October 20, 1977.

    Place of Birth: Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Time of Birth: 11:30 am.

    My Mars is in Cancer and in the Eighth House.

    1. For some reason I intent to Attract Women that come from Water Signs mostly Cancers.

    2. Sometimes Women with the First Name Christine?

  • Shepard777

    The water signs are very compatable with you , so be thankful that you are attracting them. When you attract a frist name several times to you like Christine, than the universe is trying to tell you that there is a connection to be made there. Sometimes it means that you are in that names vibration and you will meet people of that name several times in a row until the reason is reveled to you and than you can choose to move on or of course let's hope that Christine just may be your soulmate.


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