Anyone can help please :)

  • Hey there. I need some help with something between me and my best guy friend.

    Last summer we admitted that we had feelings for each other but didn't do anything about it because of the bad timing (I was going off to my second year of college in state and he was going off to his first year of college out of state). There, he met a new girl and they're not dating, which I've accepted. But I still have feelings for him. Now, he won't talk to me at all, even if I text of FB chat him and I know that he sees everything I've been sending him. (I've texted and messaged him once since I got back home for the summer since he's already home).

    What I'm wondering is if he's really trying to cut me out of my life and doesn't want to be my friend anymore, or is it that his girlfriend doesn't want him to talk to me. I will be so grateful if you could help me.


  • This post is deleted!

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