Captain Please

  • Captain How are you? This is A you gave me a reading abou "C" and "N" few weeks back. I wanted to see if you can give me a reading to this situations and anytihng else you see.

    Thank you

  • Please refresh my memory and tell me what I said to you weeks ago ( I answer a lot of requests for readings). Or post the particular thread URL here.

  • I asked you at first if it was true that he was being unfaithful with this girl "N" and you said it was an actual affair that they had some kind of connection since they work together. You also said that if we didn't work on our relationship that it was gonna end. Here are our birth dates me 11/30/89 him 10/19/89

  • And have you worked on the relationship? If so, what was the result?

  • I have try but I don't know hat he wants since I always ask him what's going to happen and he just says he doesn't know what he wants

  • Your partner has issues with romance and friendship, unsure of the difference between maintaining his independence and just running away from relationships. He needs to be loved but he can be very indecisive as to which person or situation he wants to be with or in to receive that love. He can swing back and forth between intimacy and social/political involvement, hoping to be caught by a commitment that totally grabs him, but always evading capture at the last minute. He both wants and doesn't want to belong to society. It may take him years to sort himself out enough to know what he really wants. Still, as indecisive and uncommitted as he is with you, so will he be with any other women around him.

  • Thank you Captain and he sure is indecisive since I always ask him what is that he wants and he always says he doesn't know what he wants. Do you see if I will meet someone new? Will "C" eventually decide to end the relationship to go with this other woman? Since I saw a messages telling her that he loved her and wanted to live her and have a family together. I will appreciate it.

  • You will only have room to attract someone new when you have released all hopes for old relationships. And you are not ready to let go of your hopes and dreams yet and move into reality.

  • Captain can I have a reading in my current situation please.

  • What is your current situation?

  • Hi Captain how are you? I was wondering if I can have a reading? I would like to know if I will find a job soon? and if I will be able to get out of this relationship? There is times I want too and can't take it anymore as I feel frustrated at times and then there are times where I want to stay.

  • Well, until you make up your mind what you want to do about the relationship, no one can help you but yourself. You cannot move forward consciously if your subconscious is saying "no". Sagittarians are infamous for staying in a relationship well past its time. They find it hard to let go even of a failed romance as if it's a matter of pride not to give up or they can't let go of their old hopes for it.

    And yes I feel you will get a job very soon as long as you persist in your search and don't give up.

  • Captain how are you? an I have a general reading please.

    Thank you

  • Captain how are you? I wanted to see if you can give me a reading just in general and also I don't know if you can tell me what my bf means by this " they are in for a big surprise this couple of days! My plans are going as planned" am trying to understand but I can't I asked and he said it was about making money but I feel it's something else. Could you help me please.

    Thank you

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