Interesting event

  • I was working at my desk and there was someone else in my office with me. I was facing away from the other person working on my computer. I heard a female voice whisper "hey" and I turned to look at my coworker to hear what they had to say and all she said was... "I heard it too, but I didn't say anything" i laughed and said what did you hear? They said a female voice whisper "hey" - can anyone tell me who it was or what they wanted from me? Should I try to communicate? Thanks in advance for any helpful answers

  • Livingadream,

    i almost feel like it was your co-worker doing this.

    If you don't think so than you need to tell Hey to leave you alone at work.


  • My co worker is really afraid of anything supernatural. So, I dont think it was her.

  • shuabby,

    Thanks for your input and for answering!


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