Excuse my vulgarity but..... *whispering* Penis size and tarot???

  • Okay so my best friend and her boyfriend have been getting really serious lately about being "intimate" and lately she has been obsessed with his "future performance" and whispering penis size. She had me do a TON of readings for her about his penis size, and everytime, I mean EVERYTIME no matter the question she gets the Justice card. Now I'm beginning to think it's meaning is that his size will be a "fair balance" OR that she will be a "fair judge" when she sees it. Recently I just out and out ask what's the length and the width to get her to leave me alone and I got "Justice and 4 of pentacles" now I took it literally cause I was like what it the Justice card is telling me by number. Then I thought about that, Justice is like card number 11 O_0 so he's 11 length and 4 width whoa!! There's no way lol; if anyone could help me on this, please help, I'm so sick and tired of talking about her boyfriend's appendages lol. Hopefully by getting her an answer I can finally burn this question, along with my eyes and ears lol.

  • Ok I see it's bleep out, for those that are confused, the bleeped out word is a man's down stairs part.

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