Gemini female and Scorpio man, wil it get better

  • Hi I'm a Gemini Women that thrives on communication, this is a very tough area for the Scorpio Man, I have been dating, to some degree, it seems as its on sometimes then off, I'm not sure if he really wants to only date me, and he is very secretive as well, along with the non communication and the me time he takes, its been puzzling. which keeps both of us wondering. we haven't talk for more than a week, is he not interested, I do care for him a lot. The time we spend together is wonderful. I don't know if I could have a better time with someone else. its been about 9 months and I don't know if its time to let go. Contradictory to my sign I am very loyal. however I can detach myself from a person emotionally if I feel, they are not interested. And still love them very much at the same time ( that's twin power for I don't like to smother people. but I appreciate a man who is attentive. what to do??? is there any Gemini Scorpio Combos out there. Is he interested. PLEEEEEESE Let me Know.

  • Hi, I've always viewed both signs as basically saying what's on their minds. I find it interesting that a Scorpio has this much power (intrique) over you. If a Gemini isn't being treated right usually they will address it. You must care for this guy. I wouldn't wonder any longer. Decide what you can deal with. Personally, I would not deal with this too much longer. Gemini's are loyal. I may not always agree w/a Scorpio but I can usually predict what or how they are going to react. My feeling is that this isn't going to change.

  • Thanks, Dalia.

    Yes your right he would have been dust, if the circumstances were different, We happen to work in the same department together. and I'm not sure if I give him the cold shoulder how is going to react. He is some what vindictive, with out being responsible for his actions that caused the distance between us in the first place. I do value my job and I went against the cardinal rule, never to date people on the job. but resolution is coming soon. timing is everything to execute what has to be done next. if you do it with class and dignity.

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  • Hi i am gemini female and ive put up with the on again off again relationship for 6 yrs so get used to the rollacoaster..the reason is i will verbally tell him when he screws up and i will talk shit back to him when he dishes it out and he can not take what he gives out..he thinks he can do what ever he wants without any regards to others feelinmgs no matter even if its not the right thing and he willo never admit he is wrong very i am still wondering what you are about these scorpios and they are intriged by us geminis because we will stand up to them and we are always changing which fascinates and scares them at the same time

  • wow, cattiecat

    I feel you, I go through the same thing its only been about 6 mouths for me, but if it continues the roller coaster, its not for me, I have better things to worry about, I m sure he will always come back, but I want a stable situation as well, thanks for your advise.

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