A relative misplaced my Bank of America VISA?

  • Hi all,

    I guess this is yet another lost object question.

    Thankfully, this one isn't too urgent.

    A relative took my Bank of America VISA credit card in the basket and moved it and we're not sure where? (The house is a bit messy - YIKES! Maybe if I cleaned, I would have less lost object questions)

    Does anyone sense where it might be? I think it's probably still on the first floor but not positive. I would like it by Thursday, please. 🙂



  • Desiring Love

    Was the card in your bedroom to start with? I feel it may be in the kitchen by a white object like a micro wave.

  • The card was originally in my bedroom months ago but it was misplaced when I came home (like, within the first few hours). Our microwave is white... a desk with a bunch of papers and drawers is set right next to the microwave. I will have a look there! 🙂 Thank you!

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