Need help with compatibility

  • I'm really attracted to a girl but I don't know if him compatible with her

    if you know about compatibiltiy I would appreciate your help:

    My signs: Her Signs:

    Sun: Pisces Sun: Scorpio

    Moon: Libra Moon: VIrgo

    Venus:Pisces Venus: Scorpio

    Mars:Aquarius Mars: Saggitarius

    Mercury:Aquarius Mercury: Scorpio

    Ascendant: Virgo Ascendant: Aquarius

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • Me: february 27, 1994

    Her: November 9, 1993

  • According to your astrological profiles, this matchup may seem to be made in heaven, but can often really be made in hell. In either case, it is irresistible and often unconventional. But there are no guarantees here of a consistency or stability in a personal relationship. Your friend is notoriously hard to reach, especially in one of her darker moods, and although you can understand her as well as anyone, her needs and demands may prove too much for you to handle. Aggressive as she can be, she won't find you a pushover by any means - your battles will be long and hard fought. Based squarely on feeling, the relationship will usually have a dual focus - working out emotional problems, and putting the tremendous energy that the relationship releases in the service of a professional or artistic venture. This can be one of the most successful of business relationships.

    In love, however, you two can get too close and too emotional. Swallowed up by your relationship, you may have to struggle to maintain your own identities - your private world is likely to be exclusive, shutting out everyone else. So familiar and complex is your interaction that it seems likely you have been involved in previous lifetimes. Emotional problems here often seem insoluble, yet you two will rarely give up on them and can in fact make a lot of progress in working them out, whether in a positive or negative way. Drugs, alcohol, and sex however are likely to be all-too-ready escapes in this exhausting process. Marriage is not recommended here unless you two are willing to commit yourselves to a lot of serious psychological investigation.

  • **** = hel*l.

  • thanks for your help and yes this basically describes my current situation with her.

  • may I ask where did you get this info?

  • I have various astrology and numerology books that I consult and combine the results.

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