• Hi there, didn't want to use your blog for social purposes. I came on the forum this evening to say hi to you and I felt a really bad energy coming off parts of the forum. i do not come here any more because I do not need that energy near me. I have already made contact off the forum with some of the regular posters and I was wondering if I could do that with you too, seeing as I really only ever come here to say hi on your blog and to check on Blmoon's posts since her posts are fascinating. This post might get removed for this but my email is my user name and g mail at the good old com. It would be nice to mail off the board. Without needing advice or anything like that. Up to you.


  • Yes there has been some very selfish and draining energy on here of late. But that just makes me want to try harder to eliminate it. The new positive energy coming from this full moon and onwards will help to dispell any negative energies.

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