Astra Angel, 1 last question if you don't mind

  • Hi Astra, sorry to bother you again, I don't want to be greedy, you seem to be doing so many readings.

    You gave me an interpretation of a reading i did below, and I just wanted to ask, you mention the combining of forces ( i know the 2 of cups is a good love card) and someone else being involved. DO you see this as a romantic joining?

    Thanks Astra x

    Ten of Wands is an "identity question" which is underlying the reading, it could be the "up in the air" feeling you have is the result of you doing some deep soul searching about your identity in life right now. That wand card will make anyone feel like they are in limbo...

    Crossing, the Magician, comparing realities, so yes, this is showing you imagining some alternative directions / endings for your current life choices and path.

    Two of Cups - combining forces in some way,

    Two of Swords is a strong affirming energy to something you are thinking of doing. Is there a step you have been thinking about taking lately? This card says go for it!

    The Fool is trust energy, so whatever is happening right now is perfectly on path for you so no worries at all.

    Eight of swords is strong organizational energies of the mind, and seems to be coming into your life right now, you are sorting things out in your mind, and weighing some options.

    The Justice card (your future environment) is "balancing energies" so you are encouraged to know that where you are going will result in you feeling much calmer, more balanced and at peace with yourself and life in general! Yay this is a great sign.

    THe Four of Swords is "acting on what you think" and is a strong manifesting energy (4's are manifesting) so your thoughts are turning into reality around you, and others around you see it and are very impressed.

    The Hermit is withdrawing to gain perspective so this is telling me that your hope is to find a path that provides you some release and peace away from all of this commotion around you. Somehow your path is opening out into a much sweeter arena where you will be able to pull away and find rest and quiet whenever you need, it seems someone else may be a partner with you in this.

    The King of Cups seems to carry that Hermit energy to her ultimate place of deep quiet and peace.

    It seems that more than anything you long for quiet in your life, with every thing around you harmonizing and sweet. You have been beset by many tumultuous events, demands, pressures, and I can see some tears like "will this ever settle out??". The King of Cups is your heart finding a heavenly place where it all works out beautifully and you find that peace you long to experience (in the midst of the family/friends/work and whatever all is swirling around you.

    The Ten of Wands "identity" question is answered by "peace". That is who you are deep down, it is what you want, who you are, and as you discover deeper realms of that, others around you will pick up on it and their lives will be touched as well, You are a "Peace Ambassador"! 🙂 And you are for peace - always. 🙂

    This looks very beautiful to me, I would love to have this reading show up for me right now.

  • Hi saranavitch

    okay, lets see... you are right the two of cups can mean a beautiful relationship developing. Is that the case for you?

    I drew 3 cards, Wheel of Fortune, King Wands and Knight of Cups

    Looks very positive for this being a romantic joining. The cards seem to indicate that there was some situation (with someone?) that was set in motion a while back, and that is leading to someone releasing an energy of self-identity, then the relationship develops. Does someone come to mind in which you wondered, is there anything here? Will something develop? I want to say this person is someone you've already met.

    I have the sense that this involves this "king" entering, who is being asked to "let go" of some aspect of his self-image/life role or something, and then he transitions to the Knight of Cups, and this heralds the "joining" of the two of you. He could be wrestling with an identity question, and once he can let that go, his heart is open to you.

    Whatever this relationship is, the presence of the "Wheel" card means that the forces and purposes behind the two of you has already been set in motion. Not much for you to do except wait and watch.

    I also used my a pendulum and it also confirmed this as a YES to your question. I am new at pendulums, however they do seem to pick up energies.

    I hope that provides some insight for you! 🙂

    Looks nice to me....


  • Thanks astra

    I had no-one in mind when i asked, just wondered after seeing the two of cups and your reading saying that you thought someone else might be involved.

    There was a situation a while back, you did a reading for me back then (thanks again 🙂 ), you compared it to a lawn mower that took a few times to start, but there were so many issues with that situation that I decided it best to move away from it. As much as I still think about this person, I hope its not him as I finally realised I deserved more than he would give.

    If its not a situation with someone, rather situations in my life that are leading to me releasing my self identity, life has been unfolding at an alarming rate leading me in new directions i never would have expected 6 months ago, maybe its about that.

    I'm in no hurry but its nice to know there may be someone on the horizon. I'm happy to wait and watch... hopefully not for too long though, i could use some affection.

    Thanks again astra


  • Hi saranavitch

    I know something in love is nice and headed your way... just drew the Fool (trust) and Ace of Cups.

    I also asked again yesterday about this person and you are correct, this doesn't appear to be someone you've already met. I was getting you two would cross paths in around 8 weeks.

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